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3 Of The Easiest Ever Easter Bunny Cakes

Mekelle Bess
March 15, 2018
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Easter isn’t complete without an Easter bunny cake. Sure there are the Easter egg hunts, baskets, ham and rolls and many other family traditions, but it’s just not Easter without the bunny cake.

Growing up this was a tradition in my family that started with my grandma who made one every single Easter. Each year it was the same cute bunny cake. And the same excitement among all of the kids to decorate the cake and bring the bunny to life!

Years later and now a mom myself, the bunny cake-baking task is now mine. Now, I’m not a baker. I’m not an artist. And I’m especially not a “Pinterest mom.” So if I can do this, then you can too.

When I say it’s easy, I mean it. All you need are two 9-inch round pans, the ingredients for your favorite cake or cake mix, candy and a great imagination to build that cute bunny face and add personality to your Easter dessert.

Here are 3 recipes for the easiest ever Easter bunny cakes

1. Easiest Ever Easter Bunny Cakes by Country Crock

This recipe will show you how easy it is to cut one of the cakes into the ears and bow tie. The homemade cake and frosting recipe is also bound to be a hit.

2. Kraft Bunny Cake

Into quick and easy recipes like I am? Here’s the one for you. This one uses a cake mix. Chocolate, yellow, strawberry or even Funfetti will work!

3. Easter Bunny Coconut Cake

If you’re feeling more artistic and brave (or you are a Pinterest mom), then this recipe is for you. And you can certainly use this one as a centerpiece on your table because it is just that cute– with the bunny more upright, nestled in on the lawn.

Decorating ideas

How you decorate the cake and bunny face is up to you. M&Ms and Whoppers Robin Eggs make great eyes and noses, Pull-Apart Twizzlers make an easy mouth and whiskers, coconut and food coloring add texture and pink to the ears, and jelly beans or a Fruit By the Foot complete the look of the bow tie.

So when you’re shopping for Easter, don’t forget the cake ingredients and candy to make and decorate an insanely cute Easter bunny cake!

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