5 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Make Your Next Financial Decision

Updated: June 7, 2019
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When it comes to making financial decisions, I like to think I make the right ones (most of the time anyway). I like to save money any way I can.  I like to comparison shop, read customer reviews and research alternative ways to save. But I know there is still so much I could be doing!

So if you want to keep more money in the bank and earn more without even knowing, there are a few easy things you can do now.

Whether your next financial decision is big or small, ask yourself these 5 questions first before you make your move…

1. How Does This Decision Compare To Others?

So many times, we keep our financial business to ourselves. We don’t want friends or family members to know how much we are spending or saving, but wouldn’t it be nice to know how you are doing financially compared to other people in similar situations?

Are you saving enough each month?

Spending too much?

And how does your interest rate compare to others?

Well, with Status you don’t have to wonder about these things anymore. Status is a personal finance management platform that anonymously compares your finances and financial decisions with people like you, the entire U.S., or thousands of custom groups you can create.

With Status you can:

  • See if your interest rates are higher than the rates of people with similar credit scores
  • Compare your finances and get personalized insights that help you find new opportunities to save
  • Track your spending and income
  • Manage your credit

And it’s FREE.

2. Do I Have Money In Savings To Cover Me?

Ever felt torn to buy something or pay for something when you know you don’t have enough in your account that month to cover it? It’s so easy and tempting to pull out that credit card. But what if it was just as easy to pull money out of a savings account set up for extra things like this?

With Chime you can easily set up an account for all of the extras—the date night, shopping trip, haircut, vacation, etc. that pop up at the end of the month when money is tight.

Chime will save your money without you even noticing too. Because every time you pay a bill or swipe your card, it rounds up the transaction amount to the nearest dollar and transfers the change to your savings account.

Enroll in Chime’s automatic savings program today to see how much you can save without even noticing.

3. Am I Getting Cash Back On This Online Purchase?

If you are shopping online, don’t ever make another purchase without setting up an Ebates account first. See, with Ebates you will get money back just for purchasing that item you already had in your cart.

You get cash back and they automatically find and apply coupons at checkout that you might have missed. Head over today to get up to 40% cash back from over 2,000 stores. No fees or strings attached.

4. Is My Credit Score As High As It Can Be?

Trying to buy a new car or buy your first home soon? These and so many other financial moves are affected by your credit score. And if it’s not as high as you’d like it right now, don’t lose hope.

Credit Sesame helps clean up, repair and improve credit scores within months. They fight banks, credit card companies and bureaus for you, so you don’t have to. Sometimes upping your score is just a matter of identifying past mistakes on bills, loans or other documentation. Even if you’re years away from major purchases, the sooner you focus on improving your credit score the more money you will save throughout your lifetime.

See how Credit Sesame can help you.

5. Have I Negotiated The Price Down?

Whether it’s an oil change, haircut or outstanding bill, don’t pay the bill until you ask one important question: “Is this the best deal you can offer me?”

So many times, there are coupons, deals, and ways you can negotiate the price down. You just have to ask!

And don’t forget about those pesky utility and cable bills. Trim is the smartest tool to use to get the price down on these. Trim will instantly negotiate existing bills you have. It’s super easy to use and saves you hours on the phone with customer service.

Just sign up (it’s free and takes 3 minutes) and select the bill negotiator tool. Trim will then interact with scripted customer support chat companies like AT&T, Verizon and Spectrum to get you the best price.

Get your bills lowered for free today.

Rich or poor, a saver or a spender… ask yourself these five questions before you make another financial decision and you’ll be sure to save yourself some serious money.

What you need to know:

Compare with others- Status

Enough savings – Chime

Get cash back – Ebates

Check your credit score – Credit Sesame

Negotiate the price down – Trim