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Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) through Xfinity Review [2023]


See if you qualify for this federal program that provides a credit of up to $30/mo towards your internet bill!

These days, internet access is a necessity to participate in modern life. That’s why 92% of Americans are online.

But internet service can be expensive.

That’s why the government created the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). It’s a federal program that can take as much as $30 off your monthly internet bill (or $75 on certain Tribal Lands).

And if you qualify, you can access the ACP through popular services like Xfinity!

In this review, I’ll describe what ACP is – and I’ll explain how to get high-speed internet access for free.

Yes, I said, “Free!”

What is ACP?

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See if you qualify for ACP at
Source: Xfinity

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a federal program that gives households up to $30 a month to spend on internet and cell phone service. Xfinity, the part of Comcast that offers internet and mobile service, participates in the program. That means you can use the ACP to pay for internet service from Xfinity.

The federal government created the ACP in 2021 as part of a larger effort to increase access to the internet. Basically, the government recognized that getting online is a key part of participating in the modern world. This program is meant to help people access educational and work-related opportunities.

To access the benefit, you’ll have to meet certain requirements and apply specifically for the program.

And in this review, I’ll describe exactly how it all works!

What Are The ACP Qualifications?

To qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you have to meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Your household income is equal to or less than twice the federal poverty level. To see if you meet this requirement, check what the federal poverty level is for a household the size of yours. Then, double that amount. Is the resulting number higher than what your household earns each year? If so, you can use the ACP to get free or discounted internet from Xfinity!
  1. You already participate in certain federal benefit programs. If you currently participate in federal assistance programs such as SNAP/EBT (Food Stamps), Medicaid, Lifeline, Pell Grants, or free and reduced-price school lunch, you likely qualify for ACP. 

If you qualify, you’ll receive the money as a credit towards your internet or cell phone bill. And since Xfinity partners with the government to offer affordable connectivity, the credits will be automatically factored into your bill.

First, the money will be applied to your internet bill. If there’s still money left over, it will go towards your cell phone service.

For most people, the maximum monthly credit is $30 – but you can get up to $75/month on certain Tribal Lands.

Will this be enough to pay your entire internet bill?

It could, depending on what level of service you choose. And even if you still pay a bit, the ACP credit can turn a major expense into a minor one!

Also, remember that the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) has to recertify your eligibility every year. Oftentimes, they’ll handle it themselves, so you won’t have to do anything!

But you could also get a letter, email, or phone call asking you to complete the recertification process. Make sure you do it! Otherwise, you risk losing your monthly credit.

How to Apply for ACP?

There are three different ways to apply for the ACP:

  1. Through the internet provider (in this case, Xfinity)
  2. Through a government online application form
  3. By mail

In this ACP review, I’ll walk you through each of these methods.

Here’s how to apply for the ACP through Xfinity:

  • Step 1: Access an application form on the official Xfinity website. If you don’t have an Xfinity account, you’ll be asked to create one.
  • Step 2: Fill out the application as instructed.
  • Step 3: See the ACP credit applied to your next bill.

Want to see the Xfinity Internet service options you can choose from with ACP? Start by clicking this link to access the Xfinity plan builder. Then, enter your address. You’ll see a list of available plans. When you toggle the switch in the top right corner to “I’m interested,” you can see what each plan would cost with the ACP credit applied.

Let’s say you’d rather apply for the ACP directly with the government. Here’s how to do it online:

  • Step 1: Create an account with
  • Step 2: Complete the online application. You’ll probably have to send some proof documentation, like a copy of your driver’s license, an image of your social security card, or a copy of your tax returns.
  • Step 3: Send in additional documentation if requested. This isn’t always necessary since some online applications are accepted right away.
  • Step 4: Once approved, sign up for internet service with a participating provider like Xfinity.

But wait! Are you more of a paper person? Fair enough. Here’s how to send in a physical ACP application:

  • Step 1: Print out and complete an ACP Application Form.
  • Step 2: Print out and complete an ACP Household Worksheet.
  • Step 3: Compile proof documentation, including a copy of an ID and proof that you participate in a certain federal program or earn a certain income.
  • Step 4: Send the application, household worksheet, and supporting documentation to this address:


ACP Support Center

P.O. Box 9100

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773

  • Step 5: Sign up with an internet service provider like Xfinity once you’ve been approved.

Is ACP Legit?

Saving on Xfinity Internet with the ACP is 100% legit. I mean, I wouldn’t be writing this review if it were a scam!

The ACP isn’t some special promotion where you have to read the fine print to avoid getting burned. It’s a government program, and it generally does exactly what it promises to do – which is to help people pay for their internet service.

Not only is the ACP legit, when you apply online with Xfinity, the monthly credit is automatically applied to your bill. You can apply right through Xfinity, and then your monthly credit will be automatically applied to your bill. So basically, you’ll just pay for your internet service like normal, but with a discount sponsored by Uncle Sam!

Is ACP Safe?

A family using discounted internet together after reading an ACP review.
ACP is safe for everyone, including families.
Source: Xfinity

ACP is completely safe. I can say that with confidence because it’s provided by a federal agency.

The ACP is a government program run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which partners with providers like Xfinity to offer discounted internet service. Xfinity is the nation’s largest cable internet service provider. 

So it’s safe to say that using the ACP is totally risk-free!

What Xfinity Customers Are Saying About The ACP

Xfinity only has a 1.2-star rating on Trustpilot, but a lot of the negative reviews come from people venting about their internet connection being spotty. Of course, we’d all like the internet to work perfectly all the time – but stuff happens! So I wouldn’t let this low rating scare me away from using Xfinity.

I found one Xfinity review where someone praises customer service. Apparently, the employee who helped this person was super friendly with a great attitude – which can really make a difference!

A positive ACP review from a customer who had a wonderful customer service experience.
An Xfinity customer describes a great experience with a customer service representative.
Source: Trustpilot

In an Xfinity review about The ACP, someone said their wifi started having issues right after signing up for the ACP. It could have been a coincidence – but it’s still something to watch out for.

A three-star Xfinity review from a customer who claims their internet was not as reliable as it was before they signed up for the ACP.
In an Xfinity review about ACP, a customer describes issues with their internet connection.
Source: Trustpilot

ACP through Xfinity Reviews Reddit

Using the ACP with Xfinity is a pretty appealing option, so it’s no surprise people are talking about it on Reddit.

I found one thread where someone asked whether using the ACP would affect their internet speed.

A person on Reddit inquiring about ACP reviews.
Someone starts a Reddit thread by asking whether using the ACP would cause Comcast (Xfinity’s parent company) to downgrade their internet speed.
Source: Reddit

A respondent assured the original poster that applying for the ACP would have “zero impact on what speeds you have ordered.”

An Xfinity customer wonders if the program will change their plan selection.
A Redditor says that using the ACP has no effect on internet speed.
Source: Reddit

In another Reddit thread, someone mentioned how the $30 monthly credit “really helps.”

A positive Xfinity review from a customer who feels the ACP discount “really helps.”
An ACP user through Xfinity says that the $30 credit “really helps.”
Source: Reddit

But not everyone on Reddit likes how Xfinity handles the ACP. One person even started a thread calling the service “unreliable,” and several people agreed.

A negative Xfinity review from a customer who claims the service is “unreliable.”
In an Xfinity review on Reddit, someone complains that their ACP credit isn’t consistently applied to their bill.
Source: Reddit
An unhappy customer shares their Xfinity review about how it was difficult to get a working modem.
An Xfinity customer on Reddit describes how hard it was to get a working modem.
Source: Reddit

Is The ACP through Xfinity Worth It?

Here’s the conclusion of this review: The ACP through Xfinity is absolutely worth it!

So start by asking yourself two basic questions:

  1. Do I qualify for the ACP based on my income or participation in assistance programs?
  2. Is Xfinity available in my area? (You can check on the official Xfinity website)

If you answered “yes” on both counts, then using the ACP through Xfinity is a great way to access the internet for cheap – or even for free!

That’s right. If you only need a basic plan with 100 Mbps of speed, the ACP will cover the cost of your entire internet bill.

But let’s say you need something faster or decide you want to get a mobile plan at the same time. No worries! You can still apply the monthly ACP credit to your bill, and it will make the cost of service more affordable.

Check out the Xfinity Plan Builder to see what’s on offer!

Commonly Asked Questions About ACP Through Xfinity

What is ACP?

ACP allows people who qualify to get a government-subsidized discount on their internet service. You qualify if you already use a government assistance program or if your income doesn’t exceed twice the federal poverty level.

How to add ACP through Xfinity?

When adding ACP through Xfinity, start by checking your options. Click here to access the Xfinity plan builder, and at the top of the page, toggle to “I’m interested” to see how ACP participation prices. After you choose your plan, Xfinity will walk you through the ACP application process.

What is The Catch With ACP through Xfinity?

There is no “catch” with using the ACP to pay for Xfinity Internet service. Contrary to rumors, you do not have to accept slower internet speeds to use the ACP. Some customers complain about difficulties getting the ACP credit applied to their bill, but these seem to be isolated incidents.

What are Alternatives to ACP through Xfinity?

Xfinity isn’t the only internet service provider that participates in the ACP. I’ve provided a list of other providers below: 

  • Metro by T-Mobile
  • Frontier
  • Verizon Wireless
  • SprintFone
  • Viasat

Is The ACP Through Xfinity Program Legit?

The ACP is totally legit. Once your application for the ACP has been approved, you should start seeing the credits applied to your Xfinity bill within 45 days.

How Long Does It Take to Process the ACP Application?

You should receive a status update about your ACP application within 48 hours of applying. Once the application has been approved, it can take up to 45 days for the ACP credit to start counting toward your Xfinity bill.

Affordable Connectivity Program?

With the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you can get a serious discount on your monthly internet bill – up to $30 for most qualifying customers and up to $75 in Tribal Lands. To get started, check out the Xfinity plan builder.

Xfinity Free Internet?

If you qualify for the government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you can get Xfinity’s basic internet service for free. Want a higher-speed plan? Then you’ll have to pay a little, but you can still use the ACP to get a discount. Start by checking out the Xfinity plan builder.

Xfinity Low-Income Internet?

You can get free or discounted internet from Xfinity if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). You’re eligible if (a) you already participate in certain federal assistance programs, or (b) your income doesn’t exceed twice the federal poverty level.

ACP Through Xfinity Program Phone Number?

If you have questions about the ACP program through Xfinity, you can call Xfinity at 855-8-Internet (855-846-8376).