Here’s How To Afford Your $1,200 Rent And Save More Money

The Money Manual
January 13, 2020
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Two decades ago you could afford an apartment anywhere, including in a major city, for just a couple hundred dollars. Now, you’ll be lucky to find something in a city, or even a neighboring suburb, for less than $1,200,  a month (and that’s for 1 bedroom). If your rent is eating up your paycheck, here are some easy changes you can make to bring in more cash. 

1. Truebill

How many subscription services would you say you’re signed up for? Three? Five? Maybe 10? Do you know how much they’re costing you every month? If you need help finding the answers to these questions, use Truebill.

When you connect your bank account or debit card, the app will find and organize all of your recurring payments so you can see exactly where your money is going. You may even find subscriptions you forgot about that you’re still paying for. If there’s a service you don’t want or need anymore, cancel it through the app to start saving more money instantly

2. Digit

It’s safe to say we can all stand to spend a little less money and save more. While finding a good balance between meeting your financial obligations and your leisure spending can be hard to do on your own, Digit can help without you needing to change your lifestyle.

Simply download the app and tell it what your saving for. Link your bank account and it will analyze your spending patterns to find just the right amount of money you can afford to save every day to stash away in your digit account. Withdraw money from your Digit savings 24/7/365.

3. Gabi

This is gonna hurt to hear, but you’re probably overpaying on your car insurance. Fortunately, Gabi can help you find a better deal in two minutes for free.

Connect your car insurance policy to the app via PDF upload or by logging into your provider account through the app. Once you do, the app will get back to you with quotes from up to 20 other companies. If you find a better rate, buy the cheaper policy directly through Gabi just like that! On average, the app saves people over $825 a year. Imagine how much it could save you.

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