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You Can Now Buy A House On Amazon For Less Than $20,000 (Plus There’s Free Shipping)

Leah Bourne
July 8, 2019

File this under the coolest thing that we’ve discovered in a while: Amazon is selling entire houses and for less than $20,000 to boot. And that includes free shipping. Considering the median price of a home in the US is hovering at $230,000 as of 2018, this is clearly a pretty sweet deal, even though it doesn’t include the price of land. But still!

Now, what exactly does a $20,000 home that you can buy online look like?

Well, there is the 292-square-foot Lillevilla Allwood Getaway cabin (pictured above) for about $19,000. The company says the house “is large enough to function as a summer house, home office or even a stand-alone retail building” and that “by adding the utility hookups this cabin can be converted to a residence.” Per the company, two adults could assemble the home in two to three days. Also, keep in mind you’d have to pay extra for insulation.

Does $19,000 sound a little bit steep for you? Why not opt for the 113-square-foot Lillevilla Escape for just about $5,000. Per the company this space is best suited for your “hobby, garden or pool tools and supplies” or as “simply a retreat in your backyard.”

For those looking to splurge there is the 1,000-square-foot Ecohousemart Timber Home for about $40,000. Made of northern spruce the home was “designed as a lounge” that “can be used as a house with a lot of flexibility in terms of interior layout.”

Now that you can buy a house on Amazon, we have to ask the question, what can’t you buy on Amazon. Seriously, we want to know.

Feature Image: Courtesy of Amazon

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