Amazon Prime Day Versus Black Friday: Which Is Actually Better For Deals?

Leah Bourne
July 16, 2018
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With the much talked about Amazon Prime Day upon us, a lot of people out there are probably wondering, what day is really better for deals: Prime Day or Black Friday?

The website Best Black Friday has done the work to answer that question, analyzing Amazon’s Black Friday prices along with its Amazon Prime Day prices, to see how they really stack up.

Last year, the site found that 76% of Prime Day prices were better than they were on Black Friday. 6% of prices were about the same on Black Friday versus Prime Day.

It’s a trend that the site expects will continue this year. In other words, shop with abandon, you won’t do better by waiting till November.

If you’re not a Prime members yet, there are a ton of reasons to sign up including Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Fresh, free baby gear and music streaming.

That being said, not all prices are created equal, and some goods are more of a win than others. For instance, there is no better day to buy Amazon branded electronics Best Black Friday attests. Everything else you might want to cross check. A great site to do that on is which allows you to check if you are actually getting a historically low price on something.

Now happy deal day!

Feature Image: Unsplash