Must Read: How To Talk About Money With Your Partner, Does Bankruptcy Wipe Out Student Loans?

Updated: January 30, 2020

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

1. Use Your Gap Year To Get Ahead Financially

Increasingly, people are taking a gap year between high school and college. And while many people see this as a potential budget suck, it can actually be a great way to get ahead financially. (

2. How To Talk About Money With Your Partner

It can be really, really hard to break the stigma of talking about money, even with the people you are closest to. Sometimes, it helps to go into the conversation with a game plan. So let’s get to it… (Hello Giggles)

3. I Have 10 Credit Cards — Here’s How I Manage Them

You hear the stories all of the time: people with tons of credit cards. For people in a ton of credit card debt, credit cards are bad, but, if you are great at managing money, credit cards can actually mean free money and tons of perks. Here’s how one person is doing it. (CNBC)

4. Banks Reported Blockbuster Profits Because Of Credit Card Debt

You hear the dire stories all of the time — that people are really struggling because of credit card debt. Well, not the banks apparently. (Washington Post)

5. Mythbusting: Bankruptcy Does Wipe Out Student Loans

Does bankruptcy wipe out student loan debt? It’s an often debated topic. Thankfully NPR got to the bottom of it. (NPR)

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