8 Best Tech Gifts To Make Sure Everyone On Your Shopping List Is Happy

Updated: November 16, 2020
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Even the hardest to shop for people on your holiday list are sure to be pining after the latest tech gadgets. After all, who doesn’t love gadgets? That was our inspiration for this holiday shopping list — a round up of tech gadgets that even the fussiest people are sure to love. From the home office kit that will make someone look fabulous on Zoom (couldn’t we all use that these days?) to just about the coolest Bluetooth smart watch, consider your shopping done. The best part? We have really scoured for the tech gadgets that are the best deals. With one exception, everything on this list is under $100.

1. Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

Who isn’t spending a ton of time on video calls these days, whether you are dialing in to a work meeting or catching up with family and friends? And how many times have you looked at yourself on one of these calls and thought, “Well, this isn’t my best self.” With the Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit anyone will get a confidence boost because the person using it will dramatically improve the quality and character of their photographs and video clips. In layman’s speak? Anyone who uses this is going to look damn good on their video calls.

2. Oculus Quest 2

Plain old video games are so five years ago — this holiday season is all about the VR headset. Lucky for you, we found a really, really good one for your gift giving needs. This headset with HD optimization and 3D gaming support will get its users right into the action. Also, it has the tech to expand the viewing angle, match focal distance, and myopic alignment (that all means reduced distortion). Once someone starts using this there is going to be no going back. Did we mention it’s also extremely comfortable to wear? Hey, we won’t blame you if you end up wanting to buy this one for yourself.

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3. Anker Portable Charger

Is there anything worse than being stranded somewhere with a dead smartphone? It’s one of life’s moments that is beyond annoying. You never have to risk getting stranded with a dead battery with a handy new gadget! What is this magical item? Well, it’s called the Anker Portable Charger. This is a must have for so many situations–a trip outdoors, a beach vacation, a trip into town, you name it. Who wouldn’t want this under the tree with their name on it?

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4. Bluetooth Smart Watch

Everyone, and we mean everyone seems to want a smartwatch these days, but some are seriously expensive. Like, way too expensive to buy for someone for the holidays. Well, we searched and searched and finally found one that we are pretty obsessed with. With this smartwatch, add your own SIM and you can make phone calls, send text messages, and so much more — right from your wrist. One of our favorite features is that it is great if you are into fitness (or trying to get into fitness) thanks to a pedometer, calorie calculator, and distance meter. Just about everyone would love this.

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5. Cashew Smart Wallet with Biometrics & Bluetooth

Wallets don’t exactly keep your valuables safe, but the new high tech “wallet” the Cashew does. It’s the world’s very first wallet with a fingerprint reader that makes sure you are the only one getting into your wallet anytime soon. It’s also connected to your phone to make sure you just don’t lose it (raise your hand if that has happened to you). Between never misplacing your most important belonging to never getting cash or cards stolen again, this is one great gift. No wonder it’s been featured on Digital Trends, Trend Hunter, Geeky Gadgets, and more.

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6. Honeywell Home

A security camera is one of those items that you want to work well, and want to be easy to use. Our favorite at the moment, and an absolutely great gift? The Honeywell C1 Security Camera which lets you monitor your home, pets, family, your plants (hey, nothing wrong with that) anytime, anywhere. CNET gave it a glowing review saying: “C1 is a solid, straightforward indoor security camera with more features than you’d expect for the price.”  This is really the ideal gift for anyone that has everything, and just wants to keep their family safe.

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7. QUAD TRAY Wireless Charging Station

Given how much we use our smartphones and Airpods (and the other 101 gadgets we rely on daily) we could all use a fabulous wifeless charger, and we’ve found the absolute best one on the market. The NYTSTND QUAD TRAY is a 4-in-1 charging station. With this gadget you can wirelessly charge devices, and there is even a lightening port to quick charge an Apple device while using it. It also has a tray for its owner to throw their wallet, keys, and other items on making it perfect for someone’s desk.

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8. Keep It Cool Mini Personal Air Cooler

It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too something. If you have that person in your life they are going to be pretty obsessed with this multi-functional air cooler. It’s a portable air conditioner, humidifier, and air purifier. Take it anywhere with you including on vacation, to the office, to stay at a family member’s house in order to be more comfortable. It’s also really, really quiet, and small but even so it can get an entire room in your home cool. Probably the best functional gift we have come across in a long time.

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Feature Image: Twenty20