Must Read: How To Buy A Home When You Don’t Have The Downpayment, Free Ice Cream This Month

Christina Biagioli
July 19, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

How Different Generations Think About Investing

As you can probably tell from life experience, your generation has an effect on your investing priorities. Whether your investing strategy is influenced by the era during which you came of age or you’re more heavily involved by trends, we’re all products of our generation. (Visual Capitalist)

7 Weird Examples Of How Women Pay More Than Men For The Same Products

If you’re a woman, you may have noticed that sometimes products made “for women” cost more than the general “everyone” equivalent. This price difference, often referred to as “the pink tax” is as frustrating as it is unnecessary. Why do companies see the need to impose higher costs on “female” products (or even just items that are pink)? This article illustrates some examples that take it to the extreme. (HuffPost)

How To Be Financially Independent & Successful Even Without Qualifications

Jacqueline Tan is a Financial Services Associate Director who has risen through the ranks at her current company over the past eighteen years, despite not having a degree. She has accomplished so much over that amount of time and passes on her advice in this post. (Her Money Mind)

National Ice Cream Month Deals

We all love ice cream (especially now that there are options that make it accessible to nearly everyone — dairy-free, sugar-free, the list goes on. Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? It’s true. Part of the excitement means getting great deals on your favorite brands of ice cream, from Carvel to Godiva. July 21st in particular seems the best day to “celebrate,” so get on these deals lickety-split! (Moneylogue)

35 Practical Changes That Made My Life Better

Being a doctor takes a lot of hard work and long hours once you’re working in the field. Many doctors rate their job satisfaction a 6 or 7 out of 10, which means that they have some room for greater job satisfaction. Wealthy Doc explores the changes they’ve made in their life as a doctor to bring their personal job rating back to a 9 where it started. Even if you’re not a doctor (here at The Money Manual, we are not doctors obviously), this post describes lots of positive life changes that anyone can make to feel more satisfied in their jobs and lives. (Wealthy Doc)

4 Ways To Buy A Home When You Don’t Have Enough Of A Down Payment

Stefanie O’Connell and her husband wanted to buy an apartment a few years ago, but their dream got shut down as they were not making enough to support the cost of a mortgage in their area. It’s a common story, especially among millennials. O’Connell knew this was a goal she wanted to achieve sooner rather than later, and so she researched alternative ways to get to this point as she moved along in the homeownership process. (Stefanie O’Connell)

How To Not Allow Fear To Rule Your Life

Fear is not the best friend to have, although sometimes it can protect you from irrational or reckless decisions. Feeling this fear is normal when making decisions, especially those that are life-altering, but letting it take control of your life is debilitating and takes away your ability to truly live. Whether you’re stressed about money and fearful or wracking your brain about another aspect of your life, there are ways to back out of fear and start living the way you want to live. (Thrive Global)

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