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Capital One Shopping Review [2024] Extension Reviews

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Whether you’re buying groceries, new clothes, or furniture, it’s normal to try and save as much as you can. There was a 50% increase in searches for store loyalty programs or rewards programs in 2023. That’s probably because these types of programs offer perks like coupon codes or different types of discounts.

The good news is that you don’t have to put in a lot of time in a comparison shop to find the best deals. Instead, consider free apps like Capital One Shopping to help you. Not sure if it’s for you? Read our Capital One Shopping review to learn more, including some of the benefits of using it. 

What Is Capital One Shopping? 

The Capital One Shopping website showing a couple in their living room with popups highlighting how much they saved on various items through the platform.
Capital One Shopping helps you ensure you’re getting the best deals when you shop online and lets you earn rewards. 
Source: Capital One Shopping

Think of Capital One Shopping as your online shopping assistant, helping you find the best deals. It works like a loyalty program, rewards app, and coupon finder. 

When you shop online, Capital One Shopping will search for deals and alert you when you’re just browsing or as you’re going to check out. That way, you don’t have to spend more time than necessary searching for deals yourself and trying to find the best prices. 

Is Capital One Shopping Legit? 

Yes, Capital One Shopping is a legitimate platform. While it feels too good to be true, you can save money or earn free money by earning points through their rewards program. 

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Is Capital One Shopping Worth It? 

Part of the purpose of this Capital One Shopping review is to help you determine whether it’s worth it for you to use. The answer is that for most online shoppers, it is!

There are over 100,000 online retailers that work with Capital One Shopping where you may be able to find online promo codes, comparison shop, or earn points for cash-back rewards. 

If there are savings opportunities, Capital One Shopping will let you know quickly so you’re not wasting your time finding them yourself. 

However, it may not be best for those who already use other shopping extension apps or want a guarantee that they’ll find savings every time they use Capital One Shopping to purchase items online. 

How Does Capital One Shopping Work? 

The Capital One Shopping website stating they've helped 10 million shoppers save with 100,000 stores, all for free.
Retailers you can save with through Capital One Shopping include Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Sephora, and Kohl’s.
Source: Capital One Shopping

Some ways Capital One Shopping helps you save include scanning deals and coupon codes at major retailers like Amazon. Depending on the retailer, Capital One Shopping may even offer you points or reward credits when you shop online. 

Several ways Capital One Shopping can help you save money:

  • Amazon product comparison: When you’re shopping on Amazon, the extension will scan other sellers to see if they sell the same product for a better price. Or, you can add the item to a watchlist in case the price does drop in the future. 
  • Personalized offers: When you log into your Capital One Shopping account, you’ll be able to see various offers personalized for you, based on current and past shopping habits. 
  • Promo codes: As you’re checking out, the extension will pop up to alert you if there are any promo codes you qualify for. It’ll then automatically help you submit them at the checkout page to see if they work. 
  • Rewards: In addition to promo codes, Capital One shopping will also automatically let you know if you can earn rewards through the extension. 

What Is The Catch With Capital One Shopping?

As you’re reading our Capital One Shopping review so far, you’re probably wondering if there’s a catch to using it. There really isn’t one. All you need to do is to sign up for an account! 

Capital One may earn a small commission if you use their shopping extension at participating retailers, but this is at no extra cost to you. 

Is Capital One Shopping Safe? / Is It Safe To Use Capital One Shopping?

In our research for this Capital One Shopping extension review, we found that it was perfectly safe to use. 

The extension only looks at your browsing data to let you know of any potential deals and update purchase prices so you won’t miss the latest sales. In order for Capital One to do that, you’ll need to give it permission to do so. Plus, it takes your privacy seriously and won’t share your data. 

Capital One Shopping Pros and Cons 

Understanding whether this Capital One Shopping extension review means you should download the app will depend on your preferences. As such, it’s important to learn some of the pros and cons of Capital One Shopping. 

Overall, the pros include the fact that Capital One Shopping is free and easy to use. However, some of the downsides include the fact that promo codes may not always work, and you can only redeem rewards you earn for gift cards. 

Free to useNeed minimum cashout amount for rewards
Saves time from finding dealsPromo codes may not always work
Automatically searches for promo codes and rewardsPop ups may be annoying if you don’t want to buy anything at an online retailer
Easy to sign upCan’t redeem rewards for cash

Capital One Shopping Reviews

Many users have also written their own Capital One Shopping review. These are useful if you’re still debating whether the extension is for you. There are over 10 million users of Capital One Shopping, including over 1 million downloads from the Google Play Store. 

Let’s see what some app users have to say. 

On the Google Play Store, the app received an average of 4.8 stars across 44,000+ reviews. 

There were many five-star reviews, like the one below, stating that it’s easy to use and takes the guesswork out of finding the best deals. 

A 5-star review from a Captial One Shopping user who enjoys getting the best deals with no effort.
A 5-star review from a Capital One Shopping user happy with how thorough the extension is in helping them always get the price. 
Source: Google Play 

However, many users, like in this three-star review, state that the promo codes don’t always work and the app can glitch at times:

A 3-star review from a Capital One Shopping user who likes the app except for glitches that they say they haven't gotten help with from customer service.
A 3-star review from a Capital One Shopping user who has gotten good deals but is frustrated with the app being slow and not getting help from customer service. 
Source: Google Play 

On the Apple Store, there were several notable one-star reviews, mostly to do with rewards not appearing on users’ accounts:

A 1-star review from a Capital One Shopping user who says they've had repeated issues with completing offers but not getting the reward they were supposed to.
A 1-star review from a Capital One Shopping user frustrated with completing offers and then not receiving the promised reward. 
Source: Apple App Store

Commonly Asked Questions About Capital One Shopping 

Capital One Shopping Competitors / Alternatives To Capital One Shopping / Similar To Capital One Shopping? 

If you decide after reading our Capital One Shopping extension review that it’s not for you, consider some of these alternatives:

Is Capital One Shopping a Scam?

No, Capital One Shopping isn’t a scam. You can use it to find savings on items you want to shop for online by using promo codes, getting help comparison shopping, or earning points to redeem for rewards later. 

Is There a Fee For Capital One Shopping? / Is Capital One Shopping Free? 

No, there is no fee to use Capital One Shopping. You also don’t need to be a Capital One cardholder either. You can register for an account and use it right away. 

Is Capital One Shopping a Real App? 

Yes, Capital One Shopping is a real app. You can use it either as a mobile app or as a web browser extension. Read our Capital One Shopping review above to learn more about the app. 

Is There a Downside To Capital One Shopping?

Capital One Shopping doesn’t work with all online retailers, so you may have to do the work yourself to find deals at certain places. Plus, not all coupon codes work even if Capital One Shopping does find any, though it may be that they’re expired or were incorrect in the first place.