These 10 Innocent Mistakes Are Costing You Money Every Day

Do you ever look at your bank account and get an involuntary shudder? We hear you, sometimes it feels like there is a giant hole in our bank account, leaking out our precious hard earned money.

Every day, we are all unknowingly wasting money and letting that hole in our bank account get bigger and bigger. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 10 of the ways that you are wasting your money every day and what you can do to fix it.

1. You are using the wrong credit card

Many credit cards offer some pretty fantastic rewards just for using them, like airplane miles and cash back. It’s just a matter of qualifying for and signing-up for the right credit card.

To find the very best credit card for you, you are going to want to sign-up for Credit Sesame completely for free.

Credit Sesame works to provide you with a personalized plan to improve your credit score so that you can qualify for those rewards credit cards that will reap you anything from cash to free hotel stays.

To sign-up, log onto Credit Sesame and enter some basic information about yourself. From there, it takes just 60 seconds for Credit Sesame to determine what credit cards you pre-qualify for.

Stop using a credit card that is costing you money and starting using one that will earn you money thanks to Credit Sesame

2. You aren’t growing the money you already have

Instead of just sticking whatever extra money you have in a savings account, the smart financial move is to invest that money and allow compound interest to work its magic so you can grow your wealth. Despite most experts overwhelmingly believing this is the way to go, only 54% Americans invest in the stock market, believing that only the super-rich can afford to have an investment portfolio.

Stash proves that this belief is a complete misconception as it allows its users to start building an investment portfolio with as little as $5. It takes just two minutes to sign-up for Stash and then you can start building a portfolio of ETFs and stocks that fit with your interests, beliefs, and financial goals.

From there you can watch as your account grows!

Don’t let your extra cash collect dust by building an investment portfolio with Stash and start compounding your cash

3. Wasting Time Nonsense when you could be earning in your free time…

Waiting for the next payday and in need of a little bit of extra cash in a pinch? Your best quick bet is Swagbucks.

They’re a market research company that’ll pay you top dollar for every survey you complete and importantly, they let you cash out quickly. Best of all, they offer a free $10 welcome bonus when you sign up.

To earn the most on Swagbucks you are going to want to complete at least three surveys as you get started. The more surveys you complete the more chances you have of higher paying surveys coming your way.

So put on your favorite guilty pleasure TV show, kick back with your computer for an hour, and earn some extra cash literally right now. It’s that easy.

Start earning with Swagbucks

4. You’re spending way more on your monthly bills than you have to

These 4 Apps Promise To Save You Money On Your Monthly Bills. But Which One Is The Best?

One the easiest (and worst) ways to waste money is to spend more money on your monthly bills than you absolutely have to. The bills that we are talking about? Your wireless, internet, cable TV, satellite TV, satellite radio, and home alarm. Well, we have a hack to get all of those bills down: BillBargain.

Send your bills to them and they will negotiate them down on your behalf. They successfully get down 85% of the bills people send them and save people up to 30% on them. That can add up to really big savings, just think about what that would mean on your cable bill!

It’s 100% free to try because you only have to pay BillBargain if they are able to save for you.

A lot of people make the mistake of paying more for their monthly bills than they have to. Sign-up for BillBargain now so you don’t fall into the trap. 

5. You’re not using this tool to monitor your finances

We consider Status one of the most useful money tools for a few reasons: It brings all of your accounts into one place so you can monitor how much money you have coming in and out all in one place. It let’s you know how you are doing compared to your peers as far as your spending, debt, credit score and income are concerned. It even makes cash flow projections for you!

But here is the real kicker…Status will actually pay you to get control of your finances.

As you use Status, the app will make recommendations for ways you can improve your finances, save more, spend less — you get the idea.

When you act on Status’ recommendations you earn cash rewards. You get $5 immediately for singing up, $1 for linking your credit report so you can monitor it, $1 for linking your first bank account, $20 for consolidating your debt…the list goes on and an on.

There’s no limit to how much you make and you can get the money wired to your bank account as soon as you hit the $10 mark.

You should want to get control of your finances no matter what, but the fact that there is a way to get paid for doing it makes it all the sweeter.

Did we mention that Status is completely free? Sign up to Status now and start earning cash rewards just for being smart with your money.

6. Useless bank fees are costing you buckets of money for no reason

Sometimes it feels like the bank is out to get you with all the overdraft and service fees they tack on. Your bank is supposed to protect your money, not eat it.

If you’re sick and tired of paying banking fees (and who isn’t), you need to try out Chime the mobile bank which guarantees it will never charge its customers a single fee. Say good-bye to overdraft fees, minimum balance fees, service fees, foreign transaction fees, and transfer fees forever when you move banks

Another huge benefit of Chime is that it allows you to receive your paycheck a full two days early. For those times when you are in need of extra money in a pinch, those two days can make all the difference.

Say goodbye to bank fees forever and try mobile banking with Chime

7. You are paying way too much for your cell phone every month

Cell phone bills are inevitable, and, unfortunately, so is getting ripped off by your cell phone provider. The truth is, cell phone providers know they are ripping you off, and are willing to lower your bill, all you have to do is ask.

Still, who actually wants to spend their precious free time negotiating down their cell phone bill? That’s where BillShark comes in. BillShark’s team of bill negotiation experts have an 85% success rate when it comes to lowering people’s bills (besides cell phone bills, they’ll also negotiate down your cable and internet bill, among others). 

People have saved hundreds of dollars annually by using BillShark. And because BillShark only charges 40% of the savings they find for people, you only have to pay for the service if they end up actually saving you money. Bottom line: you have nothing to lose.

Sign-up for BillShark and stop getting ripped off by your cell phone provider

8. Those high-interest credit cards are robbing you blind

Americans pay nearly $104 billion in credit card interest and fees per CNBC each year. That is money people are literally lighting on fire.

The big question is how to get rid of high interest credit cards, and one thing to consider is taking out a personal loan. With a low interest personal loan you’ll be able to quickly pay off your high interest credit card debt. In the long run, this simple decision could save you a ton in fees.

Fiona is a free service that allows you to compare lenders quickly and get matched with the best personal loan to fit your needs. Fiona offers loans between $1,000 and $100,000 and with interest rates that start at 4.99%, you might be eligible for loan with an interest rate that is markedly lower than that of your credit card.

Stop drowning in high interest credit card debt and consider a personal loan with Fiona

9. Every time you shop online you are wasting money

Online shopping is nice, but online shopping with cashback rewards is far nicer. When you sign up for Affinityy, you get up to 20% cashback at your favorite stores including Walmart, Macy’s Neiman Marcus,, and even Target.

Affinityy makes it simple to find all the cashback offers and coupons you could want. Just search for a store, click on the coupon you want, and complete your purchase as you normally would. Then Affinityy will send your cash via check or PayPal.

And if that isn’t enticement enough, you earn $20 after your first purchase, up to $10 per referral to your friends and family, $3 for free when you download the app and another $3 when you install the browser extension. All totaled, Affinityy will give you $36 for completing those simple tasks.

Give Affinityy a try and start getting paid to online shop

10. A bad credit score is costing you a lot of money and you might not even realize it

Having a bad credit score is expensive. Here’s why: It makes credit card interest more expensive, hikes up the price you are paying on your car insurance, and often will make utility companies ask you for a down payment before they’ll let you sign-up. You might not actively realize that your in the toilet credit score is costing you money, but let us tell you, it is.

Thankfully Tally is here to help you fight the credit score battle and drastically improve it.

Sign-up for Tally, and the app will do an analysis of your credit cards and your credit history. If you qualify, you’ll get a line of credit with Tally that you can use to pay down your higher APR balances (the savings of doing that can be huge, Tally has saved its customers millions of dollars in interest).

Then, Tally’s smart technology will work in the background, taking over your credit card payments to figure which cards you should pay down first.

Not only will you be able to climb out of debt faster by doing this, but you are going to watch your credit score improve quickly. Just this one financial fix is going to save you a lot over time (Tally has saved its users millions in credit card interest, for instance).

Give your credit score the boost it needs and download Tally today