Buying An Appliance? Here’s How To Get The Best Bargain

Updated: October 8, 2018

For most, buying an appliance is a major purchase. It’s not as simple as a rug, lamp or pillow that can be easily returned. Plus, they can be quite expensive!

With hundreds of retailers online, it’s easy to price compare and order appliances direct to your door. While it’s easy to click buy, there are a few things to beware of so you can come out having saved the most.

If you’re shopping online for a major appliance, review these tips before you buy:

Don’t impulse buy

It’s easy to impulse buy when you see a great sale, but make sure you do your research first. Look online and in person at competing stores to comparison shop. Shop for the best model with the combination of features you are looking for, at the best price. Once you find that model, then wait for the sale. They say fall is the best time to shop because showrooms are trying to clear out old models for next year’s new inventory. So be on the lookout now for great deals!

Check it out in person

If you find something great online, go check it out in person before you buy it. Make sure the material and color look accurate and will match your home. You can even tell the salesperson you found a better price online to see if they will price match.

Measure the space

Measure the space where the new appliance is going to make sure you have the correct dimensions. Oftentimes you can find measurements online or in the product manual, which is usually linked to the listing on the website. Check to make sure doors and lids can fully open in the space and that you have a wide enough walking path to get through.

Read the reviews and small print

Read what other customers say about the appliance and pay close attention to the negative reviews. Someone else might say something that is a deal breaker for you!

Make sure you read the fine print from the retailer online, as well. Check to see if there is a delivery or installation fee and if they will take the old appliance away for you. These might differ from brand to brand on the same website, so don’t assume anything.

Remember, most retailers will price match, even online. You can usually negotiate a great deal if you’re buying more than one appliance. If you can’t get the price as low as you need, see if they will throw in free delivery, installation or an extended warranty to save an extra buck. And if you are ordering online, make sure to check out the coupons and cash back offers going on right now at Ebates.

Feature Illustration: Laura Caseley For The Money Manual