What’s The Cheapest Day Of The Week To Buy Airline Tickets?

Leah Bourne
June 19, 2018
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Everybody knows that airline ticket prices fluctuate a lot, which is why it can sometimes feel daunting to click buy when you are searching for flights.

Which brings us to the much debated question of what the cheapest day of the week to buy airline tickets is.

There is a lot of debate about this in travel world, to put it mildly. The consensus has generally been that buying during the week is the best time. But apparently that is only sort of true.

Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation ran the numbers, and the results are pretty interesting.

The report showed that Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to buy coach tickets originating from the US that are either domestic or international if the ticket is being purchased three weeks or more ahead of the flight.

It’s important to note that the report showed that there isn’t much variation on prices during the week, but prices do tend to go up on Saturday and Sunday.

For tickets that are being purchased more last minute though, less than three weeks from the flight, the cheapest day to buy is actually Sunday.

Bottom line: Buy during the week if you are planning ahead and on Sunday if you aren’t.

And because we are all about saving as much money as possible, on top of the savings from buying on the right day of the week, purchase your airline ticket through Ebates and you’ll actually get cash back on your ticket. For instance, buy your ticket on Expedia via Ebates and you’ll get a whopping 7% back or buy it via Priceline and you’ll get 5% back.

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