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7 Grocery Shopping Mistakes You’re Making Every Day (And How To Fix Them)

Alex Nettheim
June 8, 2018
Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors, and we might earn a commission if you click on one. We are letting you know because, as our grandmother taught us, an honest penny is better than a stolen dollar. Now, back to filling up your piggy banks.

Bad news: You’re almost certainly wasting money on groceries when shopping at Costco, Aldi, Kroger and thousands of other stores. Don’t worry though, we’ve rounded up the most common mistakes people make when they go food shopping and our easy solutions for cutting out these bad habits.

So, no matter where you shop, follow these tips and you’ll find yourself saving some serious cash.

1. Make sure you’re getting paid to shop

It really is possible to get paid to go grocery shopping. I do and you can too with the free Ibotta app.

Ibotta pays you when you buy a huge range of stuff at your local supermarket. Simply shop as you normally would, take a picture of your receipt and they’ll credit you for any eligible purchases. Some of the best deals I’ve seen are getting paid 75 cents to buy milk, $5 for beer and $1 for pasta, pretty sweet, right?

The deals extend beyond the grocery store, too. For instance get up to 6% cash back on Amazon devices when you shop with Ibotta.

To help you get started, Ibotta is offering a massive $10 bonus for new users! This one is essential.

Get paid for grocery shopping with Ibotta HERE

2. Don’t forget to use free gift cards

Paying cash for groceries means you’re paying full price. Using discounted (or free) gift cards means you’re instantly saving.

Online sites like Swagbucks let you complete activities online in return for gift cards. They have a huge variety of activities and pay really well. If you want to save but don’t want to dedicate too much time to saving, it’s your best choice. Make sure to cash out your earnings for gift cards to your favorite supermarket.

To sweeten the deal, they offer a free $10 welcome bonus when you sign up.

Get free gift cards online with Swagbucks HERE

3. Always discover new products for free

Why pay for stuff when you can get it for free? Shopper’s Voice® is one of our favorite resources for earning rewards like coupons, free samples and other free stuff — all from the comfort of home. It’s no wonder people brag about getting brand full-size products via Shopper’s Voice®.

Another really cool perk of being a member of Shopper’s Voice®? Complete a simple questionnaire and you’ll enter to win $1,500 this month.

FYI: The people who swear by Shopper’s Voice® tend to be slightly older — over 25 — as this is a great way to earn free online stuff to supplement the monthly budget when you are taking care of a family!

Earn samples, coupons, and discounts with Shopper’s Voice®

4. Earn credit card style rewards for using your debit card

What if we told you there was a way to get all the perks of a credit card without actually having one? There is a way – Drop.

Drop is a free app that lets you turn your everyday grocery spending into cash rewards. Just select three of your favorite grocery stores like Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and every time you swipe your card, you’ll earn Drop points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and cash.

After you download the app, just link your cards to start earning points automatically. What’s not to love?

Get paid every time you grocery shop using Drop

5. Stack your earnings to save even more

Real savings come when you have income from multiple side hustles. Signing up for a top paying survey site like Survey Junkie is a smart crank up your earnings.

Get paid to share your opinion on products you buy in the supermarket every day and help to shape your next favorite product. In return for your opinion, they’ll pay you generously with gift cards or cash. I suggest regularly grabbing a $20 or $50 gift card to help pay for your groceries!

Get paid to share your opinions HERE

6. Get paid to go to the supermarket

If you want free money simply for going shopping, make sure to try Shopkick. It’s a fun app that lets you earn free gift cards to your favorite stores for the shopping you are doing everyday.

Simply walk in to stores likes Walmart or Target and scan products to easily earn at least one $20 gift card per month. Whether your shopping for clothes, make-up, groceries or tech items you’re sure to find great deals and ways to earn with the wide range of partners they have (Best Buy, Ulta, Amazon and Macy’s to name a few!).

Right off the bat use code TMM to earn 500 free bonus kicks when you make an in-store scan within the first seven days of signing-up.

It’s really a smart choice for anyone on a tight budget.

Make grocery shopping pay with Shopkick

7. Pick the right time to shop

Many supermarkets heavily discount produce and baked goods at the end of the day. If you’re ok with a day old loaf of bread, this is a simple way to save.

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