Don’t Want To Pay Interest On Your Credit Card? You Might Just Need To Ask

Leah Bourne
July 25, 2019

Credit card debt is crippling, in large part because of the interest that constantly keeps getting added, and thus keeps building a person’s debt. Even for people who usually pay off their credit card every month on time, occasionally getting stuck paying interest can be a big financial challenge. 

Well, did you know there is a hack to deal with this? A recent Reddit thread highlighted the fact that it occasionally works to simply call your credit card company and ask them to waive your interest fee for the month.

Per the recent Reddit thread:

Keep in mind, this is probably only going to work if you are a reliable customer who usually pays off your card on time. But still, who knew?

Another trick to keep in mind for dealing with interest charges? You can actually negotiate your interest rate just by calling.

Bottom line: It never hurts to ask. Ever.

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Feature Image: Twenty20