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The 6 Kinds Of Shoppers Ibotta Will Save The Most Money For

The Money Manual
May 17, 2018
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It’s entirely possible to cut your grocery bill in a big way and it all comes down to our new favorite app Ibotta, which allows you to get cash back on the food you are already buying in the stores you are already shopping in.

Here are the six types of shoppers who stand to benefit the most from downloading this app immediately.

1. Shoppers who only want to buy certain brands

Coupon-ing is highly time-consuming, which is why Ibotta is so incredible when it comes to saving money at the grocery store. Simply download the app, and grocery shop as you normally would at stores like Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Costco. Then upload your receipt, and the app will look for cash back offers for what you bought and then credit your Ibotta account with the cash. It’s that easy.

Ibotta’s cash back offers really are for food you would be buying anyway, a massive list that includes things like Stonyfield organic yogurt, MaraNatha almond butter, Nutella, the list goes on and on. The app is constantly offering new deals which go live every Wednesday.

Sign-up for Ibotta right now and you’ll immediately have $10 in your account! 

2. Anyone on a really tight budget

Sometimes at the end of the month you aren’t even left with the cash to buy essentials. In those instances you are going to want to start shopping at dollar stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree and here’s why: Ibotta has $1 cash back offers for things at these dollar stores that sell for a $1, which means you’ll literally be picking up free food when you shop at one of these places. Seriously, nothing tastes as good as free food.

If you love free food sign-up for Ibotta immediately.

3. People who love to coupon

People who are already coupon fans are bound to love Ibotta because you can stack paper coupons with the deals on Ibotta. All you have to do is use your paper coupon at checkout, then upload your grocery store receipt to the Ibotta app, and get the full value rebate (even if the amount is less than what you paid). Do this and you’ll essentially be doubling your savings.

4. Bulk shopping fans  

For people who like to buy a lot of things at once watch the Ibotta bonus tab, which is stacked with some of the best deals around, and when you see something good, strike and buy in bulk. Ibotta even offers special rebates on holidays or during special events like the Super Bowl.

5. Folks who do most of their shopping at Walmart 

Walmart has nearly double the Ibotta cash back offers as any other store. Your next best options are Target and Kroger.

Man with cart

6. Super health conscious eaters

Health conscious shoppers are big fans of Ibotta because the cash back deals in the app apply to things like produce, milk, and eggs not just packaged foods. In the couponing world, that is a big deal.

Sign-up for Ibotta now and stop wasting money at the grocery store. 

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