Dream Job Alert: Bumble Is Going To Pay Someone To Travel The World To Date And Make Friends

Updated: May 31, 2019

Let’s all stop for a second and come up with our dream job checklist. Travel opportunities? Check. The ability to meet and network with a huge number of interesting people? Check. The opportunity to share your experiences with the world? Check?

Well, the social network Bumble has gone and done it, they have a job opening that is a dream job in every sense. They are hiring for a position they are dubbing the “Global Connector Bee.”

Per a press release from Bumble: “The all-expenses paid opportunity will have one individual tackle the nuances of dating, friend finding and networking across the world for up to a year and share their anecdotal and researched experiences through blog/blog posts, social media, and other creative outlets. The position will also require research, exploration, product feedback, and the creation of editorial content for Bumble.”

“As our company and community of users continues to grow, it’s so important for us to advance our on-the-ground research about the global dating culture so we can optimize our product offerings for new communities and future generations,” Chelsea Maclin, the Vice President of Marking at Bumble said.

A little backstory on Bumble — it’s a social network with over 60 million users in over 150 countries. While it started as a dating app it has since expanded to connecting people in friendship and professional networking.

Those interested in applying have from now until June 15, and must apply on the Bumble app. The application is open to all Bumble members who are 18 and over.

Whoever lands this opportunity is one lucky, lucky soul.

Feature Image: Twenty20