Earn Cold Hard Cash Shopping At Your Favorite Stores For The Next Five Days

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When it comes to saving money, Ebates has long been one of our secret weapons over here at The Money Manual. The site allows you to earn cash back from hundreds of stores, and on things you would be buying anyway. It’s a no-brainer if you are shopping online, and well, we shop online a heck of a lot over here.

Now, most of the time, shoppers are getting around 2 to 3% back when they use Ebates which is pretty good considering it takes absolutely zero time and effort, but, to celebrate their 19th birthday, Ebates is offering a deal that is so good we almost fell out of our chairs when we first heard about it: 15% cash back at over 400 stores.

And, we aren’t just talking about any stores, either, the list includes some of our all-time favorites from Michael Kors to Barneys to Shoes.com, Walgreens, Nike, Topshop, Madewell, and so many more.

Thinking about buying anything from shampoo to designer shoes to a new watch in the next few days, you might as well do it utilizing Ebates, otherwise you’ll be leaving money on the table. Like, a lot of money. And nothing hurts a Penny Pinchers heart quite like the thought of that, am I right?

The deal is running through May 15th, and if you haven’t used Ebates before you’ll automatically get $10 just for signing up.

Christmas just came early! Heck, this might be even better than Christmas!

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