How To Get The Best Deals On Facebook Marketplace

Updated: September 11, 2018

We’ll come right out and say it: Facebook Marketplace might just be the new Craigslist. With the convenience of the Facebook app and the advanced search options, it is definitely an easy way to find and buy used (and new) home goods, toys, clothes, shoes, accessories and even cars.

The other bonus is that so many people are tuned into social media that response times are quick, so the transactions can happen fast!

Most importantly though, it’s a great place to hunt out deals (probably why we are so obsessed with it here at The Money Manual).

Here are 5 tips for shopping and buying on Facebook Marketplace where a treasure trove of deals abound.

1. Be specific in your search

There are tons of items for sale, so be specific in your search terms and description to pull only the items close to what you are searching for. That way you don’t spend too much time weeding through the clutter.

2. Inspect the items first

Just because you contact a buyer doesn’t mean you’ve agreed to purchase the item. Inspect it first to verify the condition. If it doesn’t meet your standards, walk away.

3. Negotiate

Don’t ever agree to buy something without trying to negotiate the price down. Oftentimes sellers are anxious to get rid of their stuff, so more often than not you’ll get it for less than the listed price if you ask.

4. Check the seller profile and only meet in public

Check out the seller profile to see what else they’ve sold and if the listing looks suspicious, report it. Read listing descriptions carefully and if you’re meeting a buyer, choose a public place.

5. Never send money

Pay with cash in person and never send over money in advance. If they’re requesting money early, it’s a scam.

Feature Image: Facebook