Must Read: These Are The Best Days To Shop In 2019, Is A Fancy Gym Membership Worth It?

Christina Biagioli
May 31, 2019
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These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

What Is Frugal Fatigue And How To Fight It

While we’re all for being resourceful and budgeting to the best of one’s ability, frugality can be tiring. Being totally restrictive with your spending can lead to a burnout that results in a splurge, defeating the purpose of budgeting to begin with. And that definitely doesn’t feel good. Here’s how to manage being frugal to a healthy point without letting it get the best of you. (From Frugal To Free)

Smart Money Moves To Make If You Earn Less Than $50,000 A Year

How applicable is personal finance advice if you don’t make a lot of money? The author of this post presents just that question and starts by recognizing that you should be honest about the salary that you’re currently making. Are you spending half of your weekly paycheck on car payments? Is the cost of that car (annually) more than what you make (annually)? Ok, ok, don’t freak out yet. Let’s talk about it. (Money Life Wax)

Mapped: The Literal Translation Of Every Country’s Name

Which country’s name literally translates to “Land of Many Rabbits?” How about “High and Beautiful?” Give up? Those would be Spain and Korea, respectively. In this infographic, we learn the literal translations of each of the world’s countries’ names. Just for fun. (Visual Capitalist)

Always Buy Airfare On A Credit Card

Buying a flight on a debit card versus on a credit card can cause you unnecessary stress in the end should something go awry with your flight and its schedule. Apart from the more obvious reasons, there are extra areas of coverage to which credit cards can positively contribute, as well. Here’s how you can save yourself some time and hassle by booking on credit. (Two Cents/ Life Hacker)

Equinox Charges Members Over $3,000 Per Year For Access To Its Luxurious Gyms. This Is Why I Think It’s Worth It.

You’ve probably heard of Equinox – one of the top luxury gyms in the world – and its expensive monthly fees. We typically try to avoid spending so much on one monthly amenity, but if fitness is your jam and it’s worth the cost to you, perhaps you’ve spent some time sweating an hour away in an Equinox. They’re supposedly well-kept and spacious. Is that what you’re paying for? (Business Insider)

The Best Summer Shopping Days For 2019

Woohoo! Summer is nearly (officially) here in the northern hemisphere! Get ready for the beach, the barbecues, and … the sales. Yes, you heard us correctly. Prepare for such savings behemoths as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Amazon Prime Day – they’re coming. If you’re in the market for a new grill or some breezy capri pants, we’ve got you covered with the best dates to buy. (US News)

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