Must Read: Meet The People Who Make Major Career Decisions Based On Astrology, Free Doughnuts Right This Way

Christina Biagioli
June 7, 2019

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

How To Take Advantage Of Rich People So You Can Get Rich Too

The title is shocking, right? Don’t discredit it just yet – the writer is on to something. Selling a service or a product means you have to market it (if you want to see greater overall success), and marketing to those in wealthier populations means considering not just the money they have but also what they value in their lives – whether that’s time, brand names, or convenience. (Financial Samurai)

Not Efficient, But Effective

When you read spelling errors in a sentence, you generally know what the writer was getting at, despite the mistake. For this reason and a few others, natural language has redundancy built in and is therefore, not efficient, but effective. The same goes for personal finance. (Of Dollars And Data)

Meet The People Who Make Major Career Decisions Based On Astrology

Sources say that 30% of people believe in astrology despite the fact that it’s not recognized as a science. Of those who strongly believe in it, there is also a group that will make decisions – even career-based decisions – based on where the stars are situated on a given day. Those people are telling us how their lives ended up based on using astrology to make major career decisions. (HuffPost)

10 Easy Freezer Meal Recipes

Are you energized and ready to make a family-style dinner after working for nine, ten, or more hours every day of the week? Probably not (we certainly could use some coffee at the end of a hard day working … if only it wouldn’t keep us up all night). We’ve come prepared! Here are ten easy freezer meal recipes that just need some heating up once you’re home and the sweatpants have come on. (Making Sense of Cents)

How To Earn An Extra $5,000 Plus This Year

Side hustle alert: you can earn over $5,000 this year working a bit more, preferably doing something you enjoy. We’re not talking about working for someone else, either. We want you to take what you love and make it into a profitable side business. Here’s how to start out and manage this gig until (maybe) you generate enough business to make it a full-time thing. (Money After Graduation)

Dunkin’ Has Free Doughnuts All Day Long On National Donut Day 2019. Here’s How To Get Yours

National Donut Day is today – June 7th! Maybe you’ve heard that Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away free doughnuts all day today … we certainly had our calendars marked. All you have to do is purchase a beverage at Dunkin’ Donuts today and you’ll get a free doughnuts in the flavor of your choice. (Money)

How I Freed My Mind From The Myth Of Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance seems like a mystical achievement that we can unlock through time, experience, and more work. The truth is that it doesn’t have to exist for you if you relieve your mind from the pressure of needing to obtain it. (Thrive Global)

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