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Where To Get A Free Flu Shot This Fall

Mekelle Bess
September 25, 2018

Believe it or not, flu season is just around the corner. The virus usually starts creeping in around October and peaks in December, when lower humidity and cooler temps settle in for the winter.

Because the vaccine can take some time to kick in, the Centers for Disease Control recommends getting vaccinated early in the fall, before the end of October.

To make it easy on you, we’ve found all of the places that are offering free flu shots so you can get yours this next month at no cost.

Your primary-care doctor

If you have health insurance through a state-run marketplace or a private plan, your provider will likely cover the cost of the flu shot. There’s usually no co-payment or co-insurance for your appointment either.

Urgent care

If you can’t make it to your doctors office and find yourself near an urgent care on your lunch break or after hours, stop in and see if they will give you the shot. Most stock flu shots and provide them at no cost if you have insurance.

Your school

If you’re enrolled in college you can check with your campus health center to see about getting the flu shot. They typically keep them on hand.

At work

Many offices and corporations will offer free flu shots one day on site or a voucher to go get one at a pharmacy. Take advantage of this offer, especially if they come to you! It might also be worth an email to your boss inquiring if they can or will offer the shots this year.

Walgreens, Rite Aid or Walmart

Most neighborhood pharmacies offer flu shots at no cost if you have health insurance. Any of these three are great options to look in to.


If your Target has a CVS Pharmacy, you can get a free flu shot and a $5 store coupon.

For a list of more providers, visit

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