14 Free (Or Almost Free) Things To Do This Summer So You'll Never Get Bored

Updated: July 8, 2020
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Experiencing fatigue with being home so much? So are we. It’s been a tough couple of months being stuck inside. Even though we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel things aren’t going back to the old normal any time soon.

We know finding entertainment during this time can be tricky, after all you can only binge watch tv and scroll through Facebook and Instagram for so long. But not being able to go out doesn’t have to mean not having a good time. So we’ve come up with a list of fun things you, and anyone you’re hunkering down with, can do at home for free or on the cheap to keep you occupied (and sane)! 

Keep this list handy this summer — something tells us you’ll need. it.

1. Play Free Digital Scratch Card Games That Offer Real Cash Prizes

 - Play Free Digital Scratch Card Games That Offer Real Cash Prizes

If buying lottery tickets and scratch cards was a part of your regular routine before all of this, then you’ll love Lucktastic. With this app, you’ll never have to make a trip to the store or spend your own money for a chance at jackpot winnings.

Lucktastic is a free app that offers free daily scratch card games that can score you real-world cash prizes, plus the app’s token currency, which you can use to enter contests with more cash prizes. Play by yourself or huddle together with your family and make your guesses together. 220,000 people have already scored major rewards with the app. Lucktastic regularly adds new games so the opportunities to earn are endless and consecutive days of playing will earn you daily rewards ranging from bonus tokens to contest entries.

Lucktastic’s biggest scratch card cash prizes are $5,000 and $10,000. Once you start accumulating tokens you’ll also be eligible to enter Lucktastic’s highly lucrative contests including its $1 million giveaway (running through 4/6/21) and its “Livin Life” giveaway of $25,000 (running through 10/21/20) which you can use for anything like a new baby, college tuition, a car and more. Money on top of money on top of money.

Cash-out your winnings when you have a balance minimum of $2. Get your money via gift cards (to places like Amazon, Walmart and JCPenney) or mailed check if you have a balance of $10 or more.

Download Lucktastic to keep the scratch card fun going without spending a penny.

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2. Unite With Solitaire Lovers Around The World In Virtual Tournaments And Win Some Cash

 - Unite With Solitaire Lovers Around The World In Virtual Tournaments And Win Some Cash

If you’re a lover of strategic card games, then you’ll love Solitaire Cube. This app turns the popular single-player game of solitaire into a fun multiplayer experience.

Compete head-to-head in tournaments with players across the country for actual cash prizes (in some states), in-app currency and other rewards. Get friends or family to join in on the fun to see who’s the better solitaire player when you compare scores. 

Similar to regular solitaire, you are trying to make rows of ascending cards. The big difference is that this is a faster-paced version, with rounds only lasting five minutes. There are two ways to play:

Practice League: Play as many free matches as you want while you practice your solitaire skills. 

Pro League: Deposit money, and you can start playing in the cash tournaments against other players. You can cash out your winnings anytime by simply connecting your PayPal account to the game.

Download Solitaire Cube for free and have fun playing against other people across the country and possibly earn some cash while you’re at it

Download Solitaire Cube

3. Gather Your Friends And Family For Virtual Game Nights

 - Gather Your Friends And Family For Virtual Game Nights

Hosting virtual game nights is a great way to let loose and spend time with friends and family. There are so many games you can play with the ones you love without having to physically be in the same place. Games like trivia and charades are easily adaptable to a virtual space and there are basically multiplayer apps for every table-top classic you can think of.

4. Collect A Check While Watching Fun Videos and Playing Mobile Games 

 - Collect A Check While Watching Fun Videos and Playing Mobile Games 

MyPoints is another market research company that pays people to give their opinions through a variety of activities, including watching entertaining videos and playing games.

Watch movie trailers and vlog posts and play popular games like Angry Birds and Bejeweled to earn points you can trade-in for gift cards to top brands and retailers or cash with PayPal

Watch videos, play games and earn money while you do.

Join MyPoints today

5. Kill Time Sharing Your Opinions Online And Get Paid, Too

 - Kill Time Sharing Your Opinions Online And Get Paid, Too

Taking paid surveys can be a great way to kill the time and make a little extra money, too, and Opinion Outpost is one of the best market research options out there. 

In exchange for sharing your opinions on products, politics, sports, tech, advertisements and more, you earn points that can be redeemed for cash via PayPal, gift cards to Amazon (the mecca of online shopping), the Apple App Store, and more.

Survey invites get sent directly to your email on a regular basis and only take about 10 minutes to complete. Another great thing about Opinion Outpost is that in honor of the time users spend taking surveys, every month it donates $10,000 to the Red Cross to help people affected by crises around the world, including the one gripping the globe today

Spend some of your free time taking paid surveys and support an important cause, too.

Take surveys with Opinion Outpost

6. Start Planning Your Next Vacation (Even If It's Not For A While)

 - Start Planning Your Next Vacation (Even If It's Not For A While)

A lot of us have been stuck at home for months, and to put it bluntly, it sucks! This wasn’t how summer was supposed to go.

A close second to going on vacation, though, is planning your next vacation, so let’s make a pact to use this time to dream and plan where you might want to travel next. Hawaii? The Grand Canyon? Denver? Dream big!

We’ll let you in our little secret for dreaming big when it comes to travel, but spending as little as possible because we love our readers so much — Scott’s Cheap Flights. They search hundreds of routes every day and email you when there’s an amazing deal departing from your airport. You can end up saving 90% on domestic flights because of this email, which even comes with mistake fares and rare deals, which is where the crazy bargains come in.

Most flights are one-stop or nonstop on reputable airlines like Southwest, United, Delta, American, Alaska, and jetBlue, and they don’t send deals on flights on airlines that charge a ton of extra fees as a rule.

Deals are for flights two to ten months in advance, so you don’t need to go right away, but you can finally start dreaming of getting away again.

Their premium plan comes out to just $49 for an entire year (and amount you’ll probably make back on your first flight. Sign-up today and you can get two weeks free, to see just how amazing this newsletter is.

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7. Brush Up On Your Music Skills Or Learn To Play A New Instrument

 - Brush Up On Your Music Skills Or Learn To Play A New Instrument

Consider brushing up on your music skills or learning to play a new instrument. There are plenty of great online resources like YouTube, apps and online classes that can help. Whether you want to improve your songwriting skills, learn to play the guitar, or need help building out an in-home studio, the internet is your oyster. Use it!

8. Enjoy Some Family-Friendly Cooking Lessons 

 - Enjoy Some Family-Friendly Cooking Lessons 

For parents grasping at straws, trying to figure out how to keep their children busy and entertained, Raddish Kids might be just the thing you need. It’s a fun cooking club that offers easy cooking lessons you can do with your kids and it has something for children of all ages. While younger children get to build on the importance of teamwork and learn cooking basics, teens can indulge their culinary curiosity and gain confidence in the kitchen.

When you subscribe to Raddish Kids, every month you’ll get a kit mailed to your home, each with its own culinary theme, that includes 3 step-by-step recipe guides with illustrations. Ahead of your package, you’ll receive a shopping list of ingredients you’ll need, so you’ll be prepared when your recipes arrive.  

We can think of no better way to spend a Sunday with the family. Bonus points for teaching your kids something, too.

Raddish Kids subscriptions tart at $20 per month and right now, you can try a Raddish Kids kit for free and also save $15 on a six-month membership with the code ATHOME.

Sign up for Raddish Kids today so you can have fun in the kitchen with your kids.

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9. If You’ve Always Wanted To Parle Français Now Is Your Chance

 - If You’ve Always Wanted To Parle Français Now Is Your Chance

There are so many benefits to speaking more than one language. For one, it improves your job prospects. There are thousands of languages spoken across the world and knowing how to speak a few, can make you an asset to an employer and even elevate you in your career. 

On top of that, being multilingual can help improve brain function and your social skills and can even broaden your social circles and give you access to other cultures you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Lastly, wouldn’t it just be nice to speak another language the next time you travel?

Apps like Duolingo and Babbel are great for learning a new language at home. There is no better time to commit to doing this.

10. Roll Out That Yoga Mat And Get Your Work Out On

 - Roll Out That Yoga Mat And Get Your Work Out On

If you’ve been wanting to get into shape, use this extra free time you have to get your work out on! You don’t need a gym either. There are a ton of free or low-cost exercise apps, as well as fitness experts hosting free live workout, dance and yoga sessions on Instagram. A few favorites? Dance lessons from actress-dancer-choreographer extraordinaire Debbie Allen, Women’s Health yoga sessions, and strength training and cardio workouts with Barry’s Bootcamp. 

And if you’re in need of athletic wear to exercise in, Fabletics — Kate Hudson’s exercise line — has the best workout clothes for men, women and children at great prices, especially for VIP members who get 50% off everything.

VIP memberships costs $49.95 a month and this amount gets put towards whatever you choose to buy. You can always choose to skip a month, and you won’t be charged. 

Become a Fabletics VIP Member today and take a 60-second style quiz, and you’ll get two leggings for just $24 (a $99 value)

Get two Fabletics leggings for $24

11.  Catch Up On Some Reading Or Try Journaling With Prompts

 -  Catch Up On Some Reading Or Try Journaling With Prompts

Reading and writing can be peaceful escapes and great stress relievers. Going to the library may be out of the question right now, but there are plenty of ways to access books for free or order them online. As for journaling, there are tons of websites with libraries full of free writing prompts you can use to get your creative juices flowing.

You could even start a book or writing club with your friends and have wine nights where you discuss the latest chapters you’ve read or share passages from your writing.

12. Get A Little Down And Dirty And Plant A Garden

 - Get A Little Down And Dirty And Plant A Garden

Gardening can be extremely therapeutic. Spending time gardening or surrounded by nature has been proven to be a great mood booster and stress reliever and who couldn’t use that right now? Plus nothing beats watching your hard work pay off.

While strolling the aisle of your local greenhouses isn’t really an option right now, there are shops doing curbside pickups and you can order seeds for most plants and flowers online.

Don’t have a physical garden? No problem. Create an indoor garden of sorts in your living room.

13. Go Camping In Your Backyard (Or Even Living Room)

 - Go Camping In Your Backyard (Or Even Living Room)

So you can’t hop on a plane or hit the open road for a vacation getaway. The next best thing? A staycation camp out in your backyard or living room. Dig out those sleeping bags and tents (or build a pillow fort), play games, eat s’mores, and enjoy some quality time with the family.