Must Read: A Visualization Of The Extreme Concentration Of Global Wealth, The Best Software Programs To Do Your Taxes

Christina Biagioli
January 4, 2019

These are must read headlines in personal finance this week. 

How Your Confidence Is Tied To Your Money

What is the relationship between confidence and money? Is it the more money you have, the more confident you are? Is it a chicken-and-egg situation? The way you portray yourself can have an impact on your financial situation, and in this article, the author looks into how to increase your confidence in order to create the reality to which you aspire. (The Financial Diet)

One Key To Financial Success Is Having Realistic Goals According To Experts

It’s easy to set a goal and then get discouraged when you don’t see the results you want immediately. You could be setting an unrealistic goal, or you might be measuring it in an impossible way. This article reviews five great points about modifying your perspective on the goals you want to achieve and how to accomplish them. (Free From Broke)

The Best List Ever Of Ways To Save Money That You’ve Never Thought Of

Sleeping at airports? Literally throwing away your TV? Some of these ideas are pretty unconventional but could definitely save you a ton of cash. If your goal is to save some cash in the new year, these might be the answers you’re looking for. (Rockstar Finance)

A Visualization Of The Extreme Concentration Of Global Wealth

The middle class has grown over the past few decades, removing many from poverty. Although it’s the smallest piece of the pie, those with $1 million or more actually control 46% of the world’s wealth. Visual Capitalist has created several infographics depicting where the money lies in terms of quantity and geographic location – take a look. (Visual Capitalist)

Gratitude Might Just Be The Key To Getting Your Finances In Order 

Looking to better understand your inner dialogue and clear out any internal clutter? You’ve come to the right place. This article discusses practicing gratitude beginning with modifying how you frame your thoughts. By being conscious of your process and appreciating what you already have in your life, it changes the entire experience. (Get Rich Slowly)

17 Lessons To Improve Your Money And Life At The Same Time

Paula Pant from Afford Anything knows a lot about managing finances and growing sources of income until financial independence is reached – she’s done it all on her own. Now she’s sharing some of her top lessons that she’s learned along the way, highlighting concepts such as “money can’t make you happy, but lack of money can make you unhappy” and “work with your nature, not against it.” (Afford Anything)

These Are The Best Software Programs To Do Your Taxes

It’s here again: tax season. It’s often overwhelming to file taxes to begin with, but figuring out what tools to use and the costs associated with them doesn’t have to be a hassle. This article lays it all out for you, from the most noteworthy brands to work with to the features that go along with them. There’s actually a really helpful chart that compares six tools and how they operate, too. You’ve got this. (DoughRoller)

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