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7 Pieces Of Money Advice Your Grandparents Told You That You Shouldn’t Ignore

The Money Manual
August 30, 2018
Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors, and we might earn a commission if you click on one. We are letting you know because, as our grandmother taught us, an honest penny is better than a stolen dollar. Now, back to filling up your piggy banks.

Your grandparents may not be able to operate Skype, but they do know a thing or two about personal finance. Whether they lived through the Great Depression or worked their way up from nothing to embody the American Dream, they’ve come a long way, which is why their advice on everything from investing to retirement shouldn’t be ignored.

These are six things every grandparent has said to their grandchild at least a few times that you should make sure to take to heart.

1.Make The Most Of Your Time

Let’s be honest – if you’re reading this, you’re really just looking for a good way to make some decent money.When we say listen to your grandparents, we mean being creative with your time like they had to be the past. Your best bet is going to be InboxDollars.

They’re a market research company that’ll pay you top dollar for every survey you complete (up to $25 each) and lets you cash out quickly. Online world is your world, you have to take advantage, just like your grandparents did of their time and not fall in a rut.

InboxDollars is perfect if you need money fast like our crazy fast world.

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2. “There’s No Job Too Small”

You have to start somewhere. Whether you’re a teen in high school or an adult with a full-time job, side gigs are extremely useful for padding your wallet. Whether it was delivering newspapers, mowing lawns, or babysitting, most of our grandparents valued having an extra source of income, while believing that no job is too small when it came to earning money to help take care of the family.

One of the easiest side gigs to get started with is taking paid online surveys. A great option is Survey Junkie.

Every site has there own requirements for the minimum balance needed to get paid. If you want to money fast, Survey Junkie is your best option.

They have thousands of high paying surveys available which can be completed anywhere on pretty much any device. Best of all, the payout threshold is just $10 so you can cash out your earnings to Paypal, a checking account or as a gift card super quickly. That extra cash can be huge if you’re budget is feeling a little tight.

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One thing’s for sure: it’s a far easier way to earn money than mowing your neighbor’s lawn. You can get started with Survey Junkie from your couch!

3. “Don’t Forget To Clip Your Coupons”

My grandmother always had tons of ice cream in her freezer. Her secret: buy one get one free ice cream coupons. Coupons were her method of saving a pretty penny–as well as pleasing her ice cream loving grandchildren.

For most people though, clipping coupons is too time-consuming. A much easier solution to couponing is to shop for groceries using the app Ibotta. Simply shop as you normally would, at the same stores you normally do, using the app scan your receipt, and you’ll automatically get cash back for qualifying offers (there are many, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much cash back you end up with).

Mess around with scissors no more: your grocery store savings are now just a click away.

4. “A Penny Saved Is A Dollar Earned”

No matter how much you love your job, no one wants to be working at it by the time they’re 80. If they were lucky, your grandparents saved up enough to retire at 65 and take up residence in a plastic pink flamingo decorated house in Florida.

But you may never see a single flamingo if you don’t make a strategic retirement plan. Enter Blooom, the company dedicated to helping you improve your 401(k) by helping you to understand how to improve your current investment plan and remove all unnecessary fees The service costs $10 a month and only requires you to link your current 401(k) plan for Bloom to start optimizing your savings. They have a pretty incredible track record, and on average save people $41,456 in hidden fees alone over the course of their working careers.

Don’t spend another second wasting a huge amount of money on hidden fees being taken out of your retirement account. Sign-up for Blooom today.

5. “Live Within Your Means”

As any Depression-era grandparent knows, buying on credit and living outside of your means has stern consequences. Keeping an eye on your finances is vital to maintaining your financial health–but it can be a stressful pain to do.

Your grandparents might have kept watch on their finances the old fashioned way (visiting the bank every day or keeping cash under the bed) but we are living in the 21st century, and there are apps for that now. Start banking with Chime, and entirely digital bank, and you can easily keep track of your finances from your mobile device. Chime will regularly provide you with daily balance notifications as well as notifications when you make a transaction. The best part? It’s an entirely fee-free bank! You’ll also be able to use your Chime ATM card at over 38,000 fee-free locations, and Chime also rewards its users with credit card style rewards.

Chime even allows you to get your pay check two days sooner.

Download the Chime app here and never lose track of your finances again!

6. “Prepare For the Future”

Right now, the closest future you can see is what you’re having for dinner tonight. But, as your grandparents very well know, it can really pay to plan ahead for the long term.

With the investment app Stash, planning for the future is easier than ever. Starting with as little at $5, Stash will help you build an investment portfolio that best fits your interests, beliefs, and goals. All of Stash’s stocks and ETFs are carefully curated to make sure that your investment portfolio is as strong as possible. Stash makes investing easy and accessible for everyone, no matter if you are a recent college graduate looking for a job or a newlywed looking to buy a house.

Start investing in your future today with Stash! It only takes $5!

7. “You Have To Learn The Value Of A Dollar”

Before you were even a glimmer in your parent’s eyes, your grandparents were newlyweds looking for a house with a yard for their grandchildren to play in. Home is where the heart is and the home is perhaps the most important thing that your grandparents want you to invest in.

Although right now, your idea of home is probably wherever there is a bed, it is still important to take care of whatever space you call home. With Lemonade insurance, you can secure your home as well as all the items you care about most, from your Apple air-pods to your old skateboard. Unlike traditional insurance where companies are reluctant to return your claims, Lemonade takes a fixed fee out of your monthly payments so they have no incentive to deny your claims. Just take 90 seconds to answer some questions on the Lemonade app, then Lemonade will design the insurance plan that best fits your needs. The best part? The insurance starts at just $5 per month!

Sign-up for Lemonade, and make your grandparents proud by learning the value of a dollar, and caring for your belongings!

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