Must Read: Fyre And The Idea Of Buying A Fantasy, What Do You Think About When You Hear The Term Millionaire?

Christina Biagioli
February 1, 2019

These are the biggest stories in personal finance this week.

How This Blogger More Than Doubled Her Income In A Year

Most of us would gladly accept the offer to double our annual income, but actually doing it? It sounds impossible. Tis is a twenty-six year old recruiter who has experience working a low-paying job and then moving into a role with a new company that paid her more than double what she was previously earning. Here’s how she did it. (Tis But A Moment)

How Pursuing FIRE Has Changed How This Blogger Works

The author of A Purple Life discusses her career decisions and how her decision to pursue FIRE has changed her behavior and actions within the workplace. Her demanding work schedule and the pressure to be available for her clients at all times was put to rest gradually over time as she realized how she could accomplish her goal toward a better work/life balance. (A Purple Life)

What Do You Think About When You Hear The Term Millionaire?

What do millionaires look like in your mind? If you close your eyes, do these individuals wear only the most expensive clothing and jet off on private planes every weekend? That’s actually pretty far from the truth in most cases. Studies show that millionaires love shopping at Costco and Home Depot in particular, and that many of them drive non-luxury brand cars. Rockstar Finance outlines some of their habits and presents an infographic listing the 20 habits of eventual millionaires. (Rockstar Finance)

Are You A Showroomer Or A Webroomer?

The internet is an awesome place to find … anything. Even very specific things and items you didn’t know existed. We use it all the time to search for what we need (and want), but did you know that there are techniques for getting better prices on almost everything without using apps, deals, or coupons? Why didn’t we think of this before?! (Budgets Are Sexy)

Walmart Nation: Mapping America’s Biggest Employers

In another impressive infographic, Visual Capitalist illustrates the largest employer in each state. Universities and hospitals seem to be some of the largest institutions within each state, but there are a few that may surprise you, as well. Not surprisingly, Walmart takes the lead here, but what about Amazon? (Visual Capitalist)

Ashton Kutcher Says He Misses “Real Connections With Real People”

Ashton Kutcher took to Twitter this week, saying he missed having “real connections with real people,” and he shared his actual phone number. He has since taken his number down, noting that he had received a ton of messages and that he wouldn’t be able to respond to all of them but that he would reveal the number again at a later date. In the past, he has shared that he puts his phone aside at different points throughout the day and how this has had a positive impact on his life. (Thrive Global)

Fyre Festival And The Privilege Of Buying Into A Fantasy

Inspired by the recent release of Netflix and Hulus’ documentaries covering different aspects of the Fyre Festival, this article covers what it means to grow up in a culture in which social media perpetuates the importance of creating not just a life but a lifestyle. Millennials who put their earnings toward these lifestyle-related events may not have the option to save for retirement …  but is the age-old concept of saving for later in life even a priority anymore? (The Financial Diet)

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