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Being A Mom Is Expensive: Here Are Some Ways To Offset Those Everyday Costs

Hina Adnan
November 13, 2018
Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors, and we might earn a commission if you click on one. We are letting you know because, as our grandmother taught us, an honest penny is better than a stolen dollar. Now, back to filling up your piggy banks.

Being a mom means juggling time, money, chores and of course your kids. If you feel like you can’t control the moods, tantrums, and schedules… well then, we’ve got you covered on at least one front: the money!

As a mom with a young daughter myself, I’ve encountered a few ways to offset those everyday expenses. Here are my secrets.

1. Get instant cashback with your phone

While coupons can save you money, they’re a ton of work. When you compare them to streamlined cashback apps like Ibotta, there’s no reason to keep using them.

Just take a photo of your receipt on your phone and Ibotta will instantly give you money back on each purchase. I recently got paid $1.00 to buy Yogurt and $5 for beer – how awesome is that?!

To sweeten the deal, new users get a massive $10 bonus after scanning their first receipt. Don’t miss out on this one.

Earn cashback everytime you shop with Ibotta HERE

2. Make some extra cash from anywhere

Surveys let busy moms earn money from anywhere. The problem is most sites are difficult to use on your phone. The ideal solution is an app – and SB Answer from Swagbucks is the best bet for busy people who want to earn on the go.

The app has hundreds of high-paying surveys many of which can’t be found on Swagbuck’s main website. Best of all, the app is perfect for busy moms who still want to earn some easy extra income. You can earn by taking surveys and fun daily polls anywhere from your lunch break at work to your favorite coffee shop.

Once you’ve earned enough SB (the app’s “currency”), it can be redeemed for gift cards to stores like Starbucks and Target. There’s also a PayPal payment option if you prefer real dollars.

Start earning cash with your phone with SB Answer

3. Play the lottery to build your savings

Let’s face it: lottery tickets are a waste of money. And yet Americans (including millions of moms) spend $73 billion dollars on lottery tickets per year. Hoping to change this habit, the Long Game Savings app wants to help you take the money you would spend on lottery tickets and put it toward your savings.

By keeping to your savings goals set on the Long Game app, you earn points which are used to play lottery style games (think spin the wheel and Powerball). Rewards for the games range from cold-hard cash (up to $1,000,000) and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ether). And did we mention that users also get .1% interest on their savings account?

Just download the app, link your bank account, and open your own FDIC insured Long Game savings account to start saving and playing lottery games. You’ll even get 300 free bonus Coins plus up to 3,000 free bonus Coins when you make your first deposit. It’s like playing the lottery without any of the waste.

Start saving today with Long Game

4. Get paid to go grocery shopping

If earning money shopping for other people sounds too good to be true, think again. Instacart, an on-demand delivery service, has job opportunities for moms that are exactly that. Instacart offers two roles for shoppers: As a “Full Service Shopper” select your own hours and shop and deliver orders for customers (you need a car to be able to do this). As an “In Store Shopper” you are assigned a shift to shop for orders in a single store (you don’t need a car for this).

It takes five minutes to apply online! Right now they’re accepting shoppers in the San Francisco, NYC, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Dallas and Philadelphia areas. During busy shifts, shoppers can earn between $11 and up to $28 an hour according to testimonials.

Earn up to $28 an hour shopping with Instacart

5. Pick up a legit side gig

The simplest way to build wealth or save is to make more money. A great option is to jump into the “gig” economy along with 44 million other Americans. Online surveys are a great way to make extra cash when you have some free time and want to watch the dollars stack up.

Our favorite is Inbox Dollars since they pay you top dollar for every survey you complete and have super low cashout threshold. Perfect if you need money fast.

Mom can pay for their shopping with InboxDollars HERE

6. Cut out hidden bank fees from your life

It will probably hurt your heart in a big way if you ever sit down and add up all the hidden bank fees that you’ve paid over the years (overdraft fees, fees because your balance isn’t big enough, the list goes on and on). Make a vow that enough is enough and stop rewarding banks for doing what they are supposed to do.

Because, seriously, not every bank is out to get you. Bank with Chime, for instance, and you can say goodbye to ever paying overdraft fees,minimum balance fees, monthly service fees, foreign transaction fees and more.

Get started with Chime right now!

7. Make screen time a little less expensive

What mom hasn’t gotten their electricity bill in the mail and wondered why it is just so expensive? There is a better way. You can actually save the planet and save on your utilities at the same time.

We have a little hack to do just that and it’s all thanks to Arcadia Power.

Connect your locally utility account to the Arcadia platform, and Arcadia does the hard work for you to make sure your electricity is coming from renewable energy sources.

The best part about signing up for Arcadia power, though, is that you’ll end up saving money by sourcing your home’s energy from wind and solar.

Then, just watch from your Arcadia Power dashboard as your bills slowly shrink and your savings shoot upward. All while you’re doing good for the environment! In states with electricity choice, people using Arcadia Power save 17% on average on their utility bill.

Start saving on your utility bills while helping mother earth by signing up for Arcadia Power

8. Take authentic and free surveys

Some people say surveys are time-consuming. If you’re like most moms that don’t have much free time but still want to earn, Ipsos i-Say is a good option.

They send activities less frequently but always have surveys with great rewards. It’s a good option if you value your time and would rather take higher paying surveys less regularly.

They payout with great rewards like Visa prepaid cards, Amazon gift cards, PayPal funds, Starbucks egifts and more.

Sign-up for Ipsos i-Say HERE

What you need to know:

Get instant cashback with your phone – Ibotta
Earn extra money from anywhere – SB Answer
Get rewarded for saving money – Long Game
Go grocery shopping and get paid – Instacart
Take surveys at home – Inbox Dollars
Cut hidden bank fees – Chime

Cut your power bill – Arcadia Power
Take free and authentic surveys – Ipsos i-Say

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