These Are The Most In Demand Freelance Jobs At The Moment

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More and more people are working freelance jobs. Per the consulting firm McKinsey, around 27% of people working in the US are doing freelance work. That number is only supposed to rise, with some saying it could reach 50% by 2030.

Which begs the question, what are the most in demand freelance jobs right now? According the freelance online marketplace Freelancer which just released its Fast 50 jobs report, demand for data analytics professionals rose 58.9% this year, making it the most in demand freelance job right now.

After that, other freelance job skills that are surging including virtual assistants (demand grew by 55.6%) and Microsoft Office skills (which grew in demand by 54.2%).

What do all of these skills have in common? It’s pretty obvious — they are all computer related and speak to the fact that the workforce is increasingly moving online.

Freelancers’s CEO Matt Barrie told CNBC this speaks to larger trends in the workplace. “The physical workforce is going to do the core work of that business,” he said. “You might need to keep that local because it requires certain customer interactions or intellectual property that you want to keep in-house. But then for your depth and your breadth, you’ll have a virtual workforce.”

The highest paying jobs are those that require “high education, great communication, cognitive thought, strategic thinking, creative skills, customer relations, domain expertise,” he said.

“They’re the kind of jobs that you want to be getting into,” he added.

Don’t have the skills? Consider taking a class at your local college or an online course. It could make all the difference in how much you can command on an hourly basis.

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