This Might Be The Best Paying Flexible Side Hustle Out There

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February 4, 2019
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A great side hustle has a few qualities: it’s easy to apply for, it pays competitively, and most importantly, it’s flexible.

We spend a lot of time at The Money Manual on the hunt for great side hustles for our readers and one of our new favorites is undoubtedly Instacart, which checks all three of the above boxes easily.

What it is

Instacart is an on-demand delivery service that is on the hunt for hires to do grocery shopping for other people. Instacart offers two roles for shoppers:

  1. As a “Full Service Shopperselect your own hours and shop and deliver orders for customers (you need a car to be able to do this).
  2. As a “In Store Shopper” you are assigned a shift to shop for orders in a single store (you don’t need a car for this).

In both roles there is a lot of flexibility as far as how much you work and when you work

How much you’ll make

It really depends on when you work, but during busy shifts, shoppers can earn between $11 and up to $28 an hour according to testimonials. And, because “full service shoppers” are able to completely control their schedules, take on that role and you can optimize when you work so you earn the most. Another perk for Instacart shoppers is that they get paid weekly.

A few other things to know

You must be over 18 years old, have a smartphone running either Android 5.0 or later, or iOs 9 or later, and if you are seeking a Full Service Shopping role, you must have a working registered vehicle with the proper insurance.

How to apply

It takes five minutes to apply online. That’s it, no red tape! After you get approved you’ll receive additional information about signing-up. Those applying for the “In Store Shopper” role will get an in-person introduction, while “Full Service Shoppers” can onboard entirely online!

Make up to $28 an hour grocery shopping by signing-up for Instacart

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