The Internet Swears By These Ways To Come Up With Some Extra Cash

Ashley Rogers
July 9, 2019
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Sometimes it seems like Twitter is only useful for finding memes, watching celebrity catfights, and getting TV spoilers, but there are actually a lot of people sharing useful advice–including personal financial advice.

That’s why I decided to comb Twitter for the best financial tips and tricks that are actually working for people — whether it is a hack to come up with an extra $100 on the spot or how to actually start to save money even when you aren’t earning very much.

1. People Swear By This App To Save Money On Their Bills

You can only cut back on your monthly expenses so much, there are some bills that you can’t get out of no matter what.

People on Twitter swear by Truebill for negotiating down their bills like their cable and phone bill. Once they’ve signed-up for Truebill to lower their bills, they’ve gotten even more savings out of it, too, for instance automatic refunds when there is a cable outage in their area.

You can also use Truebill to save thousands on cable and internet bill, like this person who switched car insurance because of the app:

And, on top of all of that, because Truebill puts all of your recurring bills and accounts onto a single dashboard, it helps you examine all of the subscriptions you are paying for and easily cancel subscriptions you no longer use. That’s a game changer for some people, especially if they have signed up for a lot of free trials and forgotten about some of them.

A lot of people are using Truebill like a one stop shop to save money. It seems like a no brainer to want to sign-up for this.

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2. People Have Discovered A Hack To Get Amazon To Pay Them

This is probably the coolest personal finance hack ever: There is a way to get money back from Amazon using Paribus.

A little bit more on Paribus: It effortlessly tracks your shipments from retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and more, so you can get compensation if any of your deliveries are late.

It doesn’t stop there. If the price of something you buy online drops, Paribus will get you money back for that, too.

They’ve found their users $29 million in potential savings to date, so if you are grocery shopping online and not using it, chances are you are throwing money away.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.

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3. People Are Using This To Cut Their Food Spending Dramatically

The biggest budget killer for most people is food. It is isn’t just takeout and restaurants that are crushing people, it is grocery store food, too.

Every little bit of money back counts when you are in the grocery store, am I right?

Well a lot of people use Ibotta to save at the grocery store:

The savings clearly add up for people. FYI it works like this: Save your receipts at the grocery store. Then scan your receipts in the Ibotta app and instantly get cash back added to your account. It works at pretty much every major grocery store from Walmart to Kroger to Costco.

To help people get started, Ibotta even offers a massive $10 bonus for new users.

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4. Tons Of People Are Using This To Make Cash At Home

The perk of doing paid surveys is that you can earn anywhere. The problem is that most survey sites are really difficult to use on phones. The one big exception is InboxDollars. You’ll be able to earn extra money using InboxDollars literally anywhere you are, right on your phone.

InboxDollars surveys are some of the highest paying out there. They also give you a $5 welcome bonus right off the bat.

People swear by this:

Pro tip: People who earn the most on InboxDollars know that it’s important to stick with it for at least an hour at a time, so you start getting fed the highest paid surveys possible by the site.

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5. Get Paid $36 To Shop Online

Online shopping is nice, but online shopping with cashback rewards is far nicer. When you sign up for Affinityy, you get up to 20% cashback at your favorite stores including Walmart, Macy’s Neiman Marcus,, and even Target.

Affinityy makes it simple to find all the cashback offers and coupons you could want. Just search for a store, click on the coupon you want, and complete your purchase as you normally would. Then Affinityy will send your cash via check or PayPal.

And if that isn’t enticement enough, you earn:

  • $20 first purchase cash reward
  • Earn $3 cash when you download the app
  • Earn $3 cash when you download the browser extension on desktop
  • Up to $10 per referral of family/friends.
  • Earn $5, $10, and $20 cash bonuses the more you shop with Affinityy.

All totaled, Affinityy will give you $36 and more for completing those simple tasks.

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6. So Many People Swear That This Renters Insurance Is A Lifesaver

Finding the right renters insurance can be really really tricky and complicated.

People are finding the new insurance startup Lemonade is a different kind of experience, though. It’s about time!

What to know about Lemonade: It starts at just $5 per month. On average Lemonade is cheaper than its competitors by an average of $145 a year. It covers things that get stolen or damaged both inside and outside your home.

No wonder people love it so much! If your Macbook gets stolen, or there is damage to some things in your home? You are protected.

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7. Users Of This New Kind Of Bank Are Super Fans

Sometimes it feels like banks are just out to rip you off, constantly throwing fees your way for nothing and offering terrible customer service in return.

A lot of people are pretty stoked about a new online bank, Chime because it’s not like traditional banks.

I did some more research on Chime and can see why people are so obsessed.

It’s a 100% fee free bank. That means no more overdraft fees or monthly service fees. On average people spend $329 on bank fees a year. That’s $329 that could be in your pocket!

You can also get your paycheck two days early if you get paid via direct deposit.

A bank that people actually like? This is huge.

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