Must Read: Almost Half Of Americans Can’t Afford Their Taxes, Is College Still Worth It?

Ashley Rogers
January 24, 2020

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

1. The 6 Craziest Ways Millennials Save Money

People aren’t saving enough money, by in large. Those that are, increasingly are very, very crafty. Here are some of the craziest ways that millennials are coming up with extra cash in their budget to save. Hey, when it comes to saving money, there is nothing too crazy. (Forbes)

2. The One Thing You Are Overlooking That Could Make You Rich

Are you doing all of the right things to get rich? Most people hope that they are. But, according to a new bestselling book, there really is one thing that is holding a lot of people back. (The New York Times)

3. 44% Of Americans Can’t Afford To Pay Their Taxes

It’s almost tax season, which brings a lot of emotions, and even more questions. But here is something to be pretty alarmed about: 44% of Americans can’t afford to pay their taxes. Sit on that for a minute. (Motley Fool)

4. Is College Still Worth The Expense?

The cost of college is rising. The amount of student loan debt is rising. Student loan debt is dramatically holding people back. These are all things we accept pretty much as fact these days. Which begs the bigger question, is college still worth it? (The Washington Post)

5. Tackling Holiday Credit Card Debt

A heck of a lot of people get into credit card debt over the holidays. Not good, not good at all. Here’s what to do if this sounds like you. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

Feature Image: Twenty20