What Being A Libra Says About How You Handle Money

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October 24, 2018
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Libras. They are our artists. Our October babies. Our wise peacekeepers. Our fashionable friends.

Here are 7 qualities Libras are known for exhibiting that get to the heart of how they handle money (the good and the bad). Armed with that knowledge, we’ve also come up with ways for Libras to manage their money better. Take notes Libras, your bank account will be the better for it.

1. A love for being social and entertaining is a part of their DNA

A Libra is the hostess with the mostess and their home is always the one that their friends congregate at for birthdays, celebrations, dinner parties, what have you. But being a host is no cheap task.

To keep their party budget under control, Libras should use the cash back shopping app Ibotta. With Ibotta, you shop as your normally would at stores like Foodtown, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Walmart, and more. Then, simply scan your receipt with the Ibotta app and Ibotta will automatically upload all your cash savings into the app. All Libras have to do is transfer the funds to their linked bank account and rejoice at their savings.

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2. Work life Balance

Libras are known for making sure to carve out a lot of time for their family. Unfortunately for Libras, all this family time doesn’t leave much time to take on a side gig to make extra cash.

A great way to do it all is to start using Swagbucks, a free online rewards site that pays you for doing the things you already do on the internet such as taking surveys, browsing the web, and watching videos. For every task you complete with Swagbucks you earn SB points which can quickly and easily be redeemed for PayPal cash or e-gift cards to places like Amazon and Walmart.

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3. They appreciate the finer things in life (particularly when it comes to fashion)

Libras have a taste for fashion that makes them the envy of all of their friends.

Libras don’t have to sacrifice their fashion sense to stay on a budget, they just need to think ahead. One of the best hacks to do just that is Affinityy, the online cash back service that does all of the work of finding the best cash back offers for you. Simply go to Affinityy’s website, search for the deals offered at your desired store, and complete your purchase as your normally would.

With Affinityy you can find deals from your favorite high end retailers from Saks Fifth Avenue and Marc Jacobs Beauty to Nine West and Neiman Marcus. And to sweeten the deal even more, Affinityy gives you $20 after your first purchase, up to $25 per referral, and an extra $2 when you take a quick, five question survey. You’ll also earn $3 when you download the app and another $3 when you install the browser extension.

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4. They don’t like talking about money

Libras may be social butterflies, but the the one thing that they don’t like to talk about is money. Here’s the problem with that, sometimes talking about money is what it takes to navigate difficult financial situations in order to find solutions.

Libras can have money conversation by signing-up for Status Money. Status anonymously compares your finances with millions of other people across the U.S. so you can see how your finances stack up against other people like you. Armed with that information you can take action to improve you finances (say, getting your credit card interest rate lowered).

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5. They aren’t particularly detail oriented

Libras are big picture people and often forget about the details–details, for instance, like accidentally making an overdraft on their bank account and getting charged a nasty fee for it.

Embracing these details is probably never going to come easy to Libras. Instead, consider switching to the online-only bank Chime, which never charges fees to users. Say good-bye to hidden fees and overdraft fees forever.

Another huge benefit of Chime is that it allows you to get your paycheck early–two whole days early!

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6. They are known for their sound judgement

Libras are known for being extremely logical and possessing strong judgement qualities, which makes them great investors.

For Libras who haven’t dipped their feet into the market, they might want to consider Stash, an app that that allows you to start investing in stocks with as little as $5.

By investing $5 a week at 5% compound interest, your portfolio has the potential to grow to $17,274 in 30 years.

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7. They are shy about negotiating

Libras are shy about conflict, and that means they aren’t the best when it comes to negotiating. Meaning they are missing out on saving money in various areas of their life

Take the stress out of negotiations by having someone else do it for you. Sign-up for Truebill, an app that will do that legwork for you. On average, Truebill customers save a whopping $512 per year.

All you have to do is log-on to your providers (like AT&T, Comcast, etc.) or send Truebill one of your bills, and they will get to work finding hidden discounts or promo codes to lower your bills. With little to no hassle, Truebill will lower your cell phone or cable bill by up to 20%.

And the best part is Truebill only gets paid if you save: it’s a win-win.

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What you need to know

Known for their sound judgement- Stash
Work life balance – Swagbucks
Appreciate the finer things in life – Affinityy
Don’t like talking about money – Status money
Love for being social – Ibotta
Detail oriented – Chime
Shy about negotiating – Truebill