4 Simple Ways To Start Investing In Your Favorite Companies

Ashley Rogers
July 31, 2019
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If you really want to get ahead financially, investing is essential. It’s how you make your money work for you rather than you working for your money. And who doesn’t want that?

When it comes to investing though, we hear common two reasons people haven’t started – “I don’t have enough money right now” and “I don’t know anything about the stock market.” Well, I have some great news: You don’t need to be rich or be an expert to make money investing.

Check out these simple ways you can start investing today.

1. Stash – The Simplest Way To Invest In Stocks

If you’re not sure where to start investing, you’re not alone. While it can feel complicated, there is an easy ways to start investing.

A simple (and free) way to start investing is Stash. Stash is a micro-investing app that lets you purchase fractional shares and ETFs – that means you can with whatever spare money you have. The app walks you through your options and provides recommendations based on your interest, goals and risk tolerance meaning you can find the perfect investment option for you today.

Wondering if you have enough money to start? We suggest you make your first $100 deposit as soon as you open your account, but the minimum is just $5.

If you need an incentive to start, Stash is giving all new users a free $5 bonus after you invest your first $5. What more could you want?

Invest in your favorite companies

2. Morning Brew – This Is Every Beginner Investor’s Secret Weapon

You can’t become a money whiz over night, but you can become knowledgeable about how to make money investing by reading Morning Brew every day.

More than 1.5 million people read this free newsletter every day to get the latest business and investing news, written with a sprinkle of humor. Unlike traditional business news, Morning Brew delivers information to you in fun and easy recaps that only take five minutes to breeze through.

If you want to learn more and get comfortable before you start investing, subscribe to Morning Brew.

Subscribe to Morning Brew here

3. WebullTry It And Get Free Stock (Seriously)

If you’re looking to build wealth in the stock market on your terms — even if you’ve never invested before, then Webull is for you. The flexibility it provides will give you peace of mind and an upper hand over everyone else.


  • On Webull you can buy and sell stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) for free.
  • While other people are limited to the 9:30 am to 4 pm stock market trading hours, Webull gives you an extra 9.5 hours worth of trading time every day.
  • There are no minimums, so you can start investing with any amount you have.

Want to hear the best part? Webull is giving away free stock to new users! Open a Webull account today to get one free stock and deposit any amount into your account to get another free stock valued between $12 and $1,400.

With all the perks Webull has to offer, you’ll be investing like a pro in no time.

Score free stock from WeBull

4. Chime – Open A Free Savings Account & Earn Interest Income

What are you going to do with all this extra cash if you don’t have a savings account yet? Consider joining an online-only bank like Chime which offers 100% fee-free banking.

Here’s what makes Chime the perfect savings account for people with money to invest:

  1. It’s 100% fee-freeopen a Chime account now and never get another overdraft fee again
  2. Automatic savings – automatically round up your transactions to the nearest dollar and get difference added to your savings Account
  3. Get paid two days early – get paid via direct deposit and you’ll get your paycheck before your coworkers.

Open your free account today and see why Chime is one of the fastest-growing bank accounts in America.

Open a Chime account

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