This Is How Much Someone In The Middle Class Earns

Updated: October 6, 2020

A lot is said about the crisis of the middle class or the shrinking of the middle class (people have a lot of opinions on this topic as you can imagine), but who is actually in the middle class?

Per the Pew Research Center, 52% of Americans are in “middle class” households. The think tank defines the middle class as households that are earning two-thirds to double the national median. The median income of the middle class as of 2016 was $78,442.

Let’s take it one step deeper, and look at various household sizes.

The median income of the middle class by by household size:

  • Household of one: $26,093 to $78,281
  • Household of two: $36,902 to $110,706
  • Household of three: $45,195 to $135,586
  • Household of four: $52,187 to $156,561
  • Household of five: $58,347 to $175,041

The rest of the country of course is made up of the “lower class” and “upper class.” 29% of the country falls into the “lower class” with a median income of $25,624 as of 2016. The median income of upper class households was $187,872.

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