Must Read: How Millennials Are Investing Their Money, What To Do With Your Old iPhones

Christina Biagioli
January 11, 2019

These are the personal finance stories in the news this week.

 5 Money Mindsets That Are Keeping You Broke

Money is more than just a concrete concept – there are many emotions that come along with it. While it’s often difficult to separate ourselves from the stress and anxiety that accompanies this somewhat necessary aspect of our lives, there are ways to approach the feelings that arise when dealing with money that can make even some of the more agitating mindsets fade away. Here are five ways to accomplish just that, along with actionable tips to follow. (Stefanie O’Connell)

 How One Blogger Completely Changed Career Paths And Became A Happier Person In 9 Months

The author of this post describes the reason behind her career change and her thought process during the time of the switch. Some of it was spiritual, some of it dealt with her family’s influence on her life, and other moments involved her own desires and interests. If you’re looking to make a move on the job front, or if you just need some good ol’ inspiration, search no further! (The Financial Diet)

What Should You Do With Your Old Phone?

These days, we update our phones as often as we change our clothes (or so it seems). Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, which can leave us with a small pile of cell phones at our disposal. What can you do with  an old phone apart from throwing it out? A few examples include turning it into your smart tv remote control or using it as a control for your computer, like a wireless mouse. (MoneyHax)

4 Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Still Save Money

So many of us vow to eat healthy foods and exercise in the “new year,” but some drawbacks to this sort of regimen are the high costs of fresh produce and the expensive nature of the fitness industry in general. Looking for some tips on how to conquer your health and fitness goal with ease? Check out this article for insight! (Clever Girl Finance)

How To Close Our Your Budget Every Month

Miko, author of The Budget Mom, knows a thing or two about creating a budget. She has laid out the way to do just that along with specific examples in a handy worksheet. In this breakdown, you’ll learn techniques for balancing income with debt and how to track your spending throughout the course of a month. (The Budget Mom)

Forecasting Investment Habits Of Tomorrow’s Leaders

There’s a lot of hype surrounding millennials from both a positive and a negative perspective, but every generation takes some slack at some point. One interesting thing about this group in particular is they way they’re choosing to (or not to) invest. Visual Capitalist brings this concept to life in a descriptive study using illustrations and charts to guide the story. (Visual Capitalist)

6 Things To Take Care Of Before You Start Investing

Are you thinking of investing? If that’s the case, it’s always helpful to handle a few financial matters beforehand. In this article, you’ll learn about six huge areas to manage so that you have the smoothest transition into investing and the best experience doing so. (Maximize Your Money)

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