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Must Read: The Mindset That Makes You Better With Money, What Millionaires Think You Should Do With Your Money

Christina Biagioli
June 28, 2019
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These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

The Mindset That Makes You Better With Money

Money can feel like a difficult thing to control – especially when things around you seem expensive and out of reach. It’s crazy how much we depend on money to make daily decisions and deal with our lives otherwise. Studies show that simply the feeling of being more powerful in the realm of your personal finances can make all the difference. So instead of making a savings plan, why not try out a spending plan? (Medium)

Solving The Happiness Conundrum In Five Moves Or Less 

Happiness means different things to different people, but in most cases, people will include money in their plan toward personal happiness and satisfaction. As this is not the only element in life that provides fulfillment, we can shift our focus from one thing to the next once we reach a level of financial stability that is acceptable to being happy on a personal level. (Financial Samurai)

The Six Top Millionaire Tips On How To Grow Your Income

Millionaires are people just like you and me. What makes a millionaire reach such an enviable status? Here’s some advice from people who’ve done it. (ESI Money)

Are You Getting Paid What You Are Worth?

Getting paid one’s “worth” is a tricky subject – it’s dependent upon timing, experience, ability, the list can go on. And as time goes on, we often reconsider our value and ask for raises in our current positions. So how do we know what we’re truly worth as individuals, and how do businesses know what to pay their employees? (Financially Alert)

Avoid Marriage Disaster: Ask These Questions While Dating

Relationships often start out fun and fast, but when it comes to discussing the true values that each person hopes to maintain, things can get a bit tougher. Ideally, there will only be minor differences between you and your partner that are manageable in the long term, but often one person will desire something in the future that the other does not prioritize. Whether it’s debt-related, goal-based, or the act of financial planning, tackling these issues earlier on will help take your relationship to the next level with greater ease. (MoneyStir)

How To Get All Your Annoying Weekend Stuff Done In A Single Power Hour

If you ask someone whether they would prefer getting admin tasks completed in a short amount of time or stretched out over hours or days of tedious labor, most people would point to the former. From the standpoint of a freelancer, this sort of planning is crucial, especially because in that situation, time equals money. Here’s how to take on some of your more mundane tasks in just an hour’s time. (The Financial Diet)

Hoda Kotb Says Her Best Life — And Most Important Relationship — Came When She Least Expected It

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb has seen a lot in her life so far: from great success as a television reporter, journalist, and host to her battle with cancer while going through a divorce. She knows that she’s lucky to have made it through in dark times and to have achieved some of her biggest dreams, but until more recently, one dream still remained – to have children. This is the story of how her life changed for the best at 52 years old. (Thrive Global)

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