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Must Read: Here’s How Much You Should Spend On An Engagement Ring, People Are Not Having Kids Because Of Money Crunch

Christina Biagioli
February 22, 2019

These are the stories making headlines in personal finance this week.

Productivity Advice For The Weird

It’s easy to put off a goal or desire because you’re convinced that it’s unattainable on either a permanent or temporary level. “I can’t lose weight because,” “I won’t be able to make that happen because,” and other excuses muddle our minds and make it easy to dismiss what could actually become a reality in our lives. People often think success is easy and attribute its presence in others’ lives to luck, but many fail to publicly discuss the discipline and productivity necessary to achieve a goal. (I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring

The wedding industry in the United States puts a lot of pressure on us to have extravagant, over-the-top ceremonies and receptions that rival celebrity-hosted events. The big catch is that most of us aren’t multi-millionaires and billionaires with the ability to support that kind of budget. The same goes for where the wedding conversation begins – the engagement ring. Traditions range from the commercially-promoted “two month salary” to cover a rock to the “number of carats should correspond with age” mentality. They’re all imaginary measurements conceptualized years and years ago. But if that’s the truth, how much should you actually be spending on a ring? (Well Kept Wallet)

Your State Tax Refund May Take Longer To Hit Your Bank Account Than Your Federal Refund

If you’re nervous about the possibility that you’ll be receiving less in your tax refund than in previous years, here’s how you can keep your emotions in check while you file before that April 15th deadline. It’s probable that you’ll receive your federal refund (if you selected direct deposit) within 21 days of filing, although each state is a bit different on their ends. Here’s some more insight into the process. (Business Insider)

How To Boost Your Energy Levels In The Winter

Yawn. Sorry, didn’t see you there, I was just closing my eyes for a second. Winter is such an easy time to hibernate: it’s cold, there’s snow sometimes (depending upon your location), and that mac and cheese menu option is just so delicious and filling, you’ll be ready for a nap soon after the last bite. This piece covers a few options that could be dragging you down during these long, draining months along with how you can resolve them. (Thrive Global)

Average Consumer Expenditure Per Year Proves Americans Really Are Living The Dream

The average spending of American households during retirement age is $3,800 per month, which comes to the surprise of many. Even after factoring in the contribution of social security into the equation, it still requires stable savings to survive. Looking at our average expenditures before retirement reveals a lot about our lifestyles and how we decide to spend our money – it’s even more surprising, actually. (Financial Samurai)

The Housing Crisis Has Made Parenting A Pipe Dream For Some

Remember that dream? The one with the house and the cars and the kids by the time you’re ready while simultaneously balancing a successful and stable career? Well, it might just be that – a dream. Depending upon a person’s living situation, employment and wages, and other similar factors, couples have put off having children or have even decided not to start families at all as they prioritize their evolving financial situations. (Huffington Post)

The Best Of The Best Places To Retire In The US

Retirement (whenever you decide to take it) is a time to take a step back and adopt an even fuller philosophy on living. Some people move to another city or state for a better climate, to be closer to family, or – say it with me – for a more favorable tax situation. Now that we’re in 2019, there’s a new set of popular cities to look at for retirement, and they come with the promise of all of these characteristics. (The Street)

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