How Much You Can Knock Off Almost Every Single One Of Your Recurring Bills Thanks To Just One Hack

Updated: November 19, 2020
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When you are trying to come up with extra money in tough economic times, the usual advice is to cut back on your optional spending (clothes, coffee, dinners out) or to make extra money via a side hustle or some other means. Yeah, you’ve heard that all before.

But what about the monthly bills that you can’t get out of? Your phone bill? Your internet bill? You can’t exactly live without those in 2020, let’s be real. And yet those are the bills that are taking the biggest chunk out of your budget.

Here’s how to lower your internet bill

Truebill is the ultimate hack for dealing with this — and making sure those bills take a smaller chunk out of your budget every month. Connect your bills to Truebill either online or by snapping a photo of one. Then, Truebill expert negotiators will try to lower your bills by finding hidden discounts and promos for you (they never downgrade or remove services, either, to help you save money, so no need to worry about that). And that’s it, chances are they’ll find you some serious savings.

How much you could save:


Based on the data above, SiriusXM clearly leads the pack when it comes to being open to lowering a person’s bill, but it’s interesting to note that Truebill has had success knocking down pretty much every big recurring bill.

Just imagine if you could lower your cable bill by 20% with the snap of a finger. Or if you knocked $25 off your internet bill every month. Those are big savings that will have a real impact on your budget.

What does Truebill takes for negotiating your bill down?

Their cut is only 40% of what they save for you for a year, so you won’t be spending a penny if they ultimately don’t save you anything. It’s also important to note that savings after a year are all yours.

Bottom line: There is only upside when you use Truebill to negotiate down your bills–this isn’t money you would come to on your own.

Our work here is done, now download Truebill and save some of your hard earned money why don’t you. We can’t wait to hear how much you were able to save,

*Data supplied in the above tables and graphic was collected from negotiations Truebill underwent since January 11th, 2018 to February 28th, 2019.