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How Much Income You Have To Be Bringing In To Be In The 1% In America’s Biggest Cities

Leah Bourne
July 24, 2018
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Many people have the goal of joining the 1%, but it turns out what it actually takes depends a lot on where a person lives.

A new report by the Economic Policy Institute looked at income inequality by state, metro area and country across the US. What it uncovered were vast differences in how much a person needs to be bringing in annually to qualify as being part of this elite tier of earners.

Here, the 10 largest US cities and the income it will take to join the 1%.

1. San Antonio, Texas

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $416,614

Average annual income of 1%: $1.09 million

2. Phoenix, Arizona

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $428,153 

Average annual income of 1%: $1.04 million

3. San Diego, California

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $525,582 

Average annual income of 1%: $1.27 million

4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $554,069 

Average annual income of 1%: $1.38 million

5. Dallas, Texas

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $566,304 

Average annual income of 1%: $1.57 million

6. Chicago, Illinois

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $586,182 

Average annual income of 1%: $1.63 million

7. Los Angeles, California

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $591,500 

Average annual income of 1%: $1.80 million

8. Houston, Texas

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $629,816 

Average annual income of 1%: $1.7 million

9. New York, New York

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $744,426

Average annual income of 1%: $2.43 million

10. San Jose, California

Annual income needed to be in 1%: $1.15 million 

Average annual income of 1%: $3.45 million

Feature Image: Barbara Nitke/Bravo Media

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