Looking For An Original Gift Idea? Give The Gift Of Stock

Updated: April 9, 2018
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Looking for an original gift idea? We all have that friend or family member that’s impossible to shop for. Well, there’s no need to stress over this anymore! Because we have the perfect gift for you to give them on their next birthday, holiday, graduation or special occasion.

This gift is better than any gift card, cash or other items that they will outgrow. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of stock!

Give an original gift with Stockpile

The gift of stock is not something people give or receive every day, but with new technologies like the Stockpile app, this is changing fast! Gifting stock is a long-lasting, financial gift that anyone will appreciate, and Stockpile makes owning stock easy and doable for anyone, with any income.

It is revolutionizing the stock-buying process by eliminating the traditional stockbroker, the need for a pile of paperwork and a large sum of money to get started.

Stockpile makes investing easy and affordable. So that you can start investing early, diversify and keep investing, all with just $5.

This privately owned company is the only brokerage to offer gift cards redeemable for stocks too. Gift cards that you can purchase for your children, friends, neighbors, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews for their next birthday, graduation, holiday or special occasion.

Stockpile e-gift card

Stockpile is the only brokerage where you can give the gift of stock in an e-gift card or physical gift card.

To give someone a gift of stock all you’ll need to do is open an account, deposit funds and buy a gift card (available in different amounts).

Once you give the gift card they can create an account of their own and buy the stock they want. They can then easily log in to their account, check on their investments and even place trades.

Why investing with Stockpile is a smart move

Signing up for an account at Stockpile takes minutes. And with only $5 you can start investing in something you love today, with small transaction fees.

Many top stocks are pricey, but with Stockpile you can buy fractional shares of over 1,000 stocks and ETFs. Buy $50 of Amazon, get .05 shares.

And on Stockpile it is only $.99 to buy and $.99 to sell your stock. That is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than traditional brokerages like Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E-Trade!

The app also offers free training and lessons along the way, so there’s no need to stress about not knowing enough when you start. They provide lessons that teach you how to diversify and about ETFs.

Get started today

Stockpile makes purchasing and giving stocks and investments easy. At a price point you can afford. They encourage young audiences to participate in stock buying and have low transaction fees.

Stockpile is a great starting point for investing.

To start investing with Stockpile, sign up today. And for the next birthday gift you need to buy, give an original gift in the form of a Stockpile gift card that is sure to be wisely invested.