Must Read: How To Pay Off $20,000 In Student Loans In One Year, What Is Dividend Growth Investing?

Christina Biagioli
October 11, 2019
These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.
9 Legit Ways To Make Money Without A Job
Whether you’re between jobs or looking for a way to supplement your income, it doesn’t hurt to make some regular cash. Here are nine ways to get yourself out of any financial bind and get your finances in order. (Frugal Rules)

Everything I Learned From Working Three Dead-End Office Jobs In My 20s

Maybe you went to a great college or university, tore through your classes, and got a job in an office only to realize that it was not what you were expecting – or what you wanted in the first place. We’re sorry for that underwhelming experience. Fortunately, there are good things to be gained from working jobs with which you’re not completely enamored, and we’re bringing you some helpful ways to move on to a better future. (The Financial Diet)
Is This The Best Shoe Sale Ever?
It’s getting cooler, maybe you were running outside all summer and your sneakers need an upgrade, or perhaps you just want some fresh new kicks for the season. Whatever your reason, Adidas shoes are on sale for as little as $15, and we’re pointing you toward the deals. (Money Saving Mom)
What Is Dividend Growth Investing And How To Get Started
Dividends are a popular and long-trusted way to invest. What are dividends? They are payments made by a company to the owners of its stock. While not all stocks pay dividends, employing a strategy with investments in stocks that offer them can make all the difference in increasing your net worth. (The College Investor)
How To Pay Off $20,000 In Student Loans In One Year
The average amount of student loan debt with which students graduate now is around $30,000 – and that’s only the average. Some people are paying off a whole lot more than that! It’s reassuring to know that not only are there others in the same boat as you, but that there are ways to pay off that debt faster with just a bit of hustle. Here’s what we recommend. (Dough Roller)
Fall Financial Checklist: How To Live Better & Save In Autumn
It’s that time again: fall. It’s a wonderful season that warms us up (or rather, cools us down) to winter and brings beautiful things along with it. For instance, we all need the tastes of fall – pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg – before settling into hibernation mode for winter. The same thing goes for our finances – sorting through the clutter in fall results in a clearer map for winter activities. (Frugal Beautiful)
Fall Drinks You Should Order Instead Of A Pumpkin Spice Latte
Ok, we all love the pumpkin spice latte, but that can’t be all there is to #fallbeveragelife, right? It’s true, there are other options out there to order to complement a fall palette, and they’re not pumpkin. Take the maple blondie, for example. Or the orange cardamom latte. The recipes (and where you can order them if you’re not too into the idea of playing barista at home) await you … (HuffPost)