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Must Read: Personal Finance Lessons From Game Of Thrones, Fortune 500 CEOs Are Really Not Just Like Us

Christina Biagioli
April 19, 2019

These are the must-read stories in personal finance this week.

What To Do When You’re A Late-Starter Saving For Retirement

We often don’t prioritize retirement savings until it’s too late. Even if you’re not close to being done working, experts recommend saving for decades prior to retirement. Whether you’re of the mindset that you’ll work until the very end or you’re looking to begin planning for the future, it’s always helpful to have some help when you’re a late-starter in this arena – if even just from a savings perspective. (The Saving Scientist)

The Life-Changing Magic Of Unfollowing Almost Everybody

Are you in the middle of flipping back and forth from this article to one of your social media accounts? No, we’re not standing right behind you (relax). But we do understand the addictive nature of these apps and how frustrating they can be when you’re following everyone from your mom to *that* meme account that spits out hilarious, yet painful, lines of truth every ten minutes to politicians (we’re using that term loosely). So why not unfollow? It’s controversial, but well worth the effort. (Raptitude)

Personal Finance Lessons That You Can Take From GOT

We’ll spare you the overquoted lines from Game of Thrones and we’ll trade you … personal finance knowledge? We bet you didn’t realize that within the 843,214,892 storylines intertwined to form this tale of triumph (and gross, gross death all the time), money management messages exist! In fact, by the time you’re through reading this article, you’ll know a lot more than Jon Snow knows (which, in case you’re lost here, is “nothing”). (Every Buck Counts)

It’s Possible To Pay Off Debt Even When You Have A Low Income

Paying off debt is hard work and accomplishing this task when you’re bringing in a less than optimal income to pay it off is even harder. So, what’s a human to do when they’re faced with this superhuman goal? (Everybody Loves Your Money)

That Time A Major CEO Was Stumped By An Employee’s Money Troubles

Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JPMorgan Chase. He earns millions upon millions of dollars each year. When Congresswoman Katie Porter called him out on the lifestyle of one of his employees, a bank teller in California, he did not have a solution for her financial shortcomings. In the story, the teller makes roughly $35,000 annually and is supporting herself and her daughter in a one-bedroom apartment and is unable to make ends meet with her present salary, so she is obligated to dig herself further into debt by at least $500 per month. Dimon’s response is lackluster and showcases a controversial topic that remains on the minds of many. (Huffington Post)

Millennials Are Worried That A Stock-Market Crash Could Derail The US Economy

Studies show that millennials are more worried than older Americans about an impending stock market crash. They attribute this concern to a market decline and view this as one of the biggest risks to the economy that will occur over the next six months. Interestingly enough, both older and younger generations believe that the political environment in Washington is the number one threat to the nation’s economy. (Business Insider)

Let More Strange And Wonderful Thoughts Into Your Head

Have you ever left a situation feeling like you made mistake after mistake in conversation? Even if you’re harping on one single thing you didn’t feel confident doing, those types of thoughts can eat away at your productivity and mental state. Sometimes, in these moments especially, we can afford to put strange concepts and wonder to the test to remedy our frazzled thought processes. (Thrive Global)

Feature Image: HBO

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