Must Read: Money Secrets Couples Keep From Each Other, Where Prince Harry And Meghan Get Their $$$

Ashley Rogers
January 10, 2020

These are the must read stories in personal finance this week.

1. Here Is The Breakdown Of the New Income Tax Changes

Tax season is almost upon us (cue us silently screaming). The IRS has made some big changes to how much you can put in your 401(k) to the income tax brackets this tax year. Familiarize yourself with the changes before you have a full on breakdown. (CNBC)

2. How To File Your Taxes Completely For Free This Year

Now that we are talking about taxes, let’s all just agree right now that we’ve spent enough money on taxes, and we don’t want to spend a penny more. The point being, make sure you do your taxes completely for free. (Money)

3. Why On Earth Are Americans So Financially Confident?

Student loans are killing people. People are in more credit card debt than ever. People barely have savings. And yet Americans are extremely financially confident, apparently? WTF. Here’s why. (Motley Fool)

4. Where Do Prince Harry And Meghan Get Their Money?

The news that Prince Harry and Meghan are stepping down from their “senior” royal duties sent shockwaves across the world. They also announced that they were seeking to become financially independent in doing so. So where does their money come from exactly?   (BBC)

5. These Are The Biggest Money Secrets Couples Keep From Each Other

We’ve written about this before: couples keep a lot of secrets from each other. Secrets are bad. Talking about money is good. Here is a pretty solid round up about what couples are keeping from each other money wise. (Vice)

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