Quinoa For Every Day Of The Week

Joan Vinson
March 8, 2018
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Sometimes while eating quinoa, mid-bite, my spoon spilling over with the fluffy seed, I think about all of the nutrients I’m feeding my body as my taste buds are salivating with satisfaction. For me, quinoa is what I like to call a “miracle food.” It’s healthy and delicious!

And what’s even better is that you can buy it in bulk for a relatively low cost (I found four-pound bags on Amazon for less than $20) and prepare healthy, versatile meals. It’s easy to find in most grocery stores, just check the health section or near the rice.

I’d suggest cooking a large batch of quinoa at once to disperse throughout the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll save time, money, and calories!

A Brief History Of Quinoa

Pronounced “keen-wah” and cultivated by the Inca Empire, quinoa was believed to be a sacred food. While it tastes like a whole grain, it’s actually an ancient seed and a complete source of protein contains all nine essential amino acids and is gluten-free. For the gluten intolerant, vegans and vegetarians, it’s everything you ever could have wanted, packed into one seed. And for the meat eaters, it’s a healthy alternative to refined carbohydrates like white bread and rice.

Basic Preparation

One cup of cooked quinoa provides eight grams of protein and just over five grams of fiber for 220 calories. You cook the seed as you would brown rice: one cup quinoa and two cups water. The seeds will turn translucent when they are fully cooked.

Recipe Ideas

  1. If you want something light, try a sun-dried tomato, spinach, and quinoa salad. Get the recipe here.
  2. Perhaps something more hardy? Try this quinoa, sweet potato, and mushroom veggie burger. Here’s the recipe.
  3. Tired of regular ol’ cereal? Try this cinnamon quinoa breakfast bowl.
  4.  Or how about a strawberry-banana quinoa smoothie for your afternoon snack. Here’s the recipe.
  5. Forget bread crumbs, use quinoa the next time you’re making chicken parmesan. Get the recipe.

The Take-Away

It’s so easy to grab a sandwich on your lunch break or order Seamless for dinner when the last thing you want to do is prepare food after a long day at work. That’s why taking the time on a Sunday to purchase your ingredients for the week and cooking up a big batch of quinoa will save you immensely down the line. Plus, you can get creative and stay healthy! You’ll thank me in the long run.