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Must Read: The Great Recession Split The Millennial Generation Down The Middle, Should Debt Really Bother You?

Christina Biagioli
April 5, 2019

These are the must-read stories in personal finance this week.

Morning Habits You Need To Start If You Want To Get Rich

So maybe you’re on your way to achieving a long-term goal that you’ve had for a while – congratulations! We love celebrating your successes with you. But all too often, we look toward our goals as the only thing we should be “winning” and don’t look far enough into the future to realize that we need a few other things for success – our health, for example. Starting a morning ritual can provide a stable way to maintain consistent success and put us into the mindset that we need to accomplish what we’re looking to do. (Financially Well Off)

Are You Working At A Toxic Company? 5 Things That Can Help You Decide.

There’s that phrase that goes “people don’t leave companies, they leave people.” The difference between being at a “good” or “bad” company is often just that – the personalities of the people within it. If you’re struggling in an environment with some difficult qualities imposed upon employees unjustly and painstakingly, maybe it’s time for a change. (Chief Money Man)

Should Debt Really Bother You?

Life changes give us new perspectives on things that we never thought would change. Derek, the author of “Life and My Finances,” takes note of the more recent happenings in his life that have contributed significantly to why he feels differently about the second round of debt he’s incurred. Here’s why he’s feeling less like he’s underwater and more like he’s staying afloat this time around. (Life and My Finances)

Dinner Recipes For Under $2

Making the same dinner every night because it’s cost-effective works – but it gets boring. Well, would you look at that – this article has fifty-one new ways to spice up (or not, if you prefer a bland diet) your meals for under $2 per serving. This is a very good coincidence because if we had to eat plain chicken and rice one more time …(Merry for Money)

The Business Of Van Life

Isn’t the American Dream homeownership? Well, it used to be. Now we’ve moved on, and some of us are trading in that bay window reading nook and the lush, green, landscaped yard for a set of cool new wheels. We’re not just talking about shelling out a ton of cash for a “nice car” here – open-minded millennials are buying vans (not to be confused with the sneaker brand, although they probably own a pair or two of those, as well) and converting them into mini-homes with some very livable amenities. This is what van life means and how to get started with converting a mobile space into your own traveling sanctuary. (Curbed)

The Great Recession Split The Millennial Generation Down The Middle, Creating Two Groups With Very Different Financial Habits

Experts say that although millennials are all part of the same age demographic, their life stages within this bracket say specific things about them. “Older millennials” are classified as being over 30 years old in 2019 and are said to be having a harder time recuperating from the Great Recession as they entered the job market at a difficult time for employment. “Younger millennials” (those under 30 years old this year) have learned from their predecessors and have had a bit of an easier time dealing with the job market. Between the two groups, lack of financial security has affected their timing, and in many cases, older millennials may never reach a steady retirement. (Business Insider)

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