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How Renting Out Your Car When You Don’t Need It Can Net You Thousands Of Dollars

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August 7, 2018
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The best kind of side hustle is one that requires little to no work.

What if you could rent your car out for the day for some cash while you hung out at home watching Netflix, or reorganizing your closet, or doing whatever you do when you’re having a lazy Saturday at home?

Enter Turo which lets you rent your car on the days that you don’t need it. The app set’s your car’s rental price based on how much your car is worth, where you are located, the time of year it is, and other factors (if you prefer, you can also set your own daily price).

How much exactly can you make?  Say you want to rent your car for four days a month (one day per weekend, per month) and your car is worth $20,000? Per Turo you can earn a whopping $2,261 dollars per year.

There’s no need to worry about your car either because Turo will protect it with $1 million in liability insurance, and against theft and physical damage. You can even set a mileage limit and you’ll get your car back re-fueled!

Here’s how to get started (it takes just 10 minutes):

  1. Sign-up. All you need is some basic information including your car’s license plate number, a few photos of your car, and some details about it.
  2.  Set your car’s availability, so renters can tell when it’s free.
  3. Start renting your car! You’ll earn 65% to 85% of the trip price depending on the vehicle protection package you choose.

It’s totally free to list your car on Turo, so you have nothing to lose! And once you start earning money, Turo will pay you via direct deposit within five days!

Sign-up for Turo today and start earning money without doing a lick of work!

Feature Image: Twenty20

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