Dream Job Alert: This Company Wants To Pay Someone $5,000 To Go Shopping For A Week

Leah Bourne
July 24, 2019

We’ve written about our fare share of dream jobs here at The Money Manual from taking care of cats on a Greek island to taste testing chocolate, but this latest one that came across our desk has got to take the cake: a job that literally pays you to go shopping.

No, this isn’t a fake news, offer code aggregator RetailMeNot is looking for a “Shopping Specialist” to go on a shopping and eating out spree.

The person who get’s the gig will be testing out a bunch of coupon codes and cash back offers on the site. They’ll get $5,000 to do that — the big test being they have to shop at multiple outlets and purchase at least one item per day (rough stuff). They’ll also have to share their experience with the RetailMeNot team at the end of their experience so they can assess the effectiveness of their coupons, promo codes, and cash back offerings.

For doing this, the winning applicant will get to keep whatever they end up buying with the $5,000, and will have one meal per day comped.

There aren’t a ton of qualification requirements for this, you just have to be 18, love deal hunting, and have a minimum of 2 years shopping experience. The deadline to apply is August 9 and to apply you can email shoppingspecialist@rmm.com.

For more information on the gig and how to apply head here.

Fingers crossed for all applicants because this has dream job written all over it.

Feature Image: Adam Katz Sinding/Le 21ème