4 Ways To Retire A Millionaire When You Make Less Than $75k/year

Updated: February 11, 2019
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“Retirement feels so far away so I don’t need to think about it”. Sound familiar? It is for 1 in 3 Americans.

The earlier you start saving, the better chance you have of getting that quintessential retirement experience – exotic travel, luxury cars and a big house with a rocking chair.

But if you start saving in five years compared to today it could leave you $500,000 worse off. That’s 500,000 reasons to start saving immediately.

We’ve got some simple strategies to help you retire a millionaire quicker than you thought possible.

1. Check your 401(k) health

Have you checked to see how your 401(k) is actually doing? Trying to check is a nightmare – it’s impossible to get a straightforward answer.

You can make understanding, monitoring and optimizing your 401(k) simple using an SEC-registered robo-advisor like Blooom. It’s investment advisory firm run robo-advisor – that means some smart people and algorithms are maximizing your 401(k)’s performance to set you up for a cushy retirement.

Take 5 minutes and get a free 401(k) health checkup. Learn how your 401(k) is performing, your fees and value projections from now to retirement.

Get a free 401(k) analysis and put your retirement on auto-drive HERE

2. Score a pay raise

Ok, so your boss probably isn’t handing raises right now. The next best thing is to pick up a side hustle.

A work from home office favorite is InboxDollars. It’s an online market research panel that will pay you for each survey completed. They also have a ton of other activities like sampling products and watching movies. Perfect to do at home.

Score a pay raise with InboxDollars HERE

3. Cancel unused subscriptions and reoccurring expenses

Saving money is difficult when you’re racking up unnecessary bills. If you don’t keep keep an eye on your bank statement, it’s easy to pay for services you forgot to cancel after the “free trial”.

My favorite way to stop wasting money is Trim. It’s a free service that’ll find and cancel reoccurring payments automatically as well as negotiate down your cell and cable bills instantly.

Sign up for Trim and let a financial assistant save you hundreds HERE

4. Drive down the cost of your car

It costs around $8,500 a year to own a car with up insurance costing up to$3,000 alone.

If you feel like saving some serious money, shop around for a better insurance policy. If you haven’t compared policies in the last 12 months there’s a good chance you’re paying too much.

Using a free comparison service like Quote Genius is the easiest (and fastest) way to get in touch with a local insurance agent who could save you hundreds.

Get quotes multiple insurance providers instantly based on your personal circumstances then switch right then to save. I was able to save $150 a month when I tried it.

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Find and cut wasteful expenses instantly – Trim
Stop getting ripped off and get cheaper car insurance – Quote Genius