8 Ways To Save Money On Groceries That’ll Make You Give Up Coupons

Updated: November 22, 2019
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Every couponer knows that rush at the checkout when the savings add up. However, the value of coupons quickly diminishes when you consider the time and effort it takes.

There are plenty of ways to save money on groceries without giving your life up couponing. No matter your favorite store, these grocery saving tips will make you quit coupons today.

1. Get Instant Cashback With Your Phone

While coupons can save you money, they’re a ton of work. When you compare them to streamlined cashback apps like Ibotta, there’s no reason to keep using them.

Just take a photo of your receipt each time you shop and Ibotta will give you cashback on eligible items. Some of the best deals are getting paid $5 to buy ice cream and $3 for buying beer – how awesome is that?!

To sweeten the deal, new users get a massive $10 bonus after scanning their first receipt. Don’t miss out on this one.

Earn cashback when you shop with Ibotta HERE

2. Get Cashback By Shopping Online

Online shopping is nice, but online shopping with cashback rewards is far nicer. When you sign up for Affinityy, you get up to 20% cashback at your favorite online stores including Walmart, Macy’s Neiman Marcus, Jet.com, and even Target.

Affinityy makes it simple to find all the cashback offers and coupons you could want.  Just search for a store, click on the coupon you want, and complete your purchase as you normally would.  Then Affinityy will send your cash via check or PayPal.

And if that isn’t enticement enough, you earn $20 after your first purchase, up to $10 per referral to your friends and family, $3 when you download the app and another $3 when you install the browser extension. All totaled, Affinityy will give you $36 for completing those simple tasks.

Give Affinitty a try and start earning cashback today on all your online purchases.

3. Grab Free Gift Cards

Everyone loves a money saving coupon, but even better is a gift card earned from Ipsos i-Say that can take a much larger chunk off of your grocery bill.

What makes them great is that they send surveys less frequently but these are always the highest paying surveys.

They pay out in gift cards to every popular store (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Apple etc).

Upgrade your coupon game and score free gift cards with Ipsos i-Say HERE.

4. Pick Up A Lucrative Side Hustle

Companies like Coca-Cola and Unilever need to understand what people want so they can develop products. Online survey sites are one way they get consumer input and feedback. If you’re willing to dedicate some time to online surveys, they can be a solid money earner.

A Money Manual favorite is Opinion Outpost because they pay generously when you complete surveys. Even better, lightning-fast payouts mean it’s ideal for quick cash influxes.

Use Opinion Outpost to pay for your groceries HERE.

5. Discover New Products For Free

Smart shoppers know that price doesn’t indicate quality. Often, store brands are identical to more expensive name brands.

But finding the best product can be difficult and expensive. A unique way to discover alternative products is with Point Club. Point Club is an online survey site that lets you take surveys on a large range of topics and get paid in return.

Luckily, they’re giving every new user $5.00 when you sign up for free. You won’t want to miss this.

Earn money at home with Point Club.

6. Become A Brand Influencer

Social media influencers get a ton of free stuff. However, unless you have an Instagram or Facebook page with thousands of followers, that’s not an option.

The next best option is to become an influencer with Survey Junkie. By sharing your opinions with households (and plenty of boutique) brands, you can shape what ends up on the supermarket shelf. To compensate you for your time, they’ll generously pay you via Paypal or in gift cards. Hint: grab a $20 Walmart gift card regularly to stretch the budget further!

Get paid to influence products with Survey Junkie HERE.

7. Don’t Buy Anything At Eye Level

Supermarkets put expensive brand name products at eye level on purpose: it’s to get you to buy these items over more affordable and better value alternatives.

Scan the top and bottom of shelves – that’s where the real deals are found.

8. Bring A Calculator

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples – or in this case, price per quantity equally. Sometimes supermarkets will mix units for price per quantity to make one item appear cheaper than the other.

If you can’t quickly tell if $3/lb is cheaper than $0.20/oz, a calculator will help you find the best value items.

Final Thoughts:

Receive cash back from every shopping trip – Ibotta
Save money with online cash backs – Affinityy
Discover new products for free – Point Club
Pick up a side hustle that’ll pay for groceries – Opinion Outpost
Become a brand influencer – Survey Junkie
Earn gift cards to your local supermarket – Ipsos i-Say