You Have A Secret Consumer Score. Here’s How To Find Out What It Is.

Leah Bourne
Updated: November 22, 2019

You know that you have an all important credit score. It’s a number that impacts your ability to get credit, to buy a home, even to get a job in some cases. It’s important.

That being said, did you know that companies are creating secret consumer scores for you based on all kinds of things like your messages on Airbnb to what you are ordering on Grubhub? Yup, that’s happening right now.

The New York Times just did a deep dive into these secret consumer scores various companies are compiling. Kashmir Hill, who wrote the piece, requested her file from a company that does this called Sift and found that they had 400 pages on her, including everything from what she was ordering for delivery from Yelp to every time she opened the Coinbase app on her iPhone.

What even is Sift, you ask? The Wall Street Journal looked into the company and found that they track people for companies including Airbnb and OkCupid based on 16,000 factors. “Sift judges whether or not you can be trusted,” they wrote, “yet there’s no file with your name that it can produce upon request.”

Sift isn’t the only company doing this. Zeta Global? Riskified? They are doing this, too.

Since that article was written, Sift has introduced for individuals to request their data. Other companies allow you to request your data as well. Here’s how to get access to it:

1. Sift: They try to determine consumer trustworthiness. If you want your data email Following that you will have to fill out a form request.

2. Zeta Global: This firm helps identify people who have discretionary money to spend. To request your data fill out this online form.

3. Retail Equation: This company helps other companies decide whether to accept or reject a product return. Ask for your report when you email

4. Riskified: They develop fraud scores for companies. Request your data via

5. Kustomer: They provide “unprecedented insight into a customer’s past experiences and current sentiment,” per the company. Request your data at

Feature Image: Unsplash